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KS79 LIFELINE makes use of electronically triggered projectile technology that can fire both concussion and impact ammunition.
The concussion ammunition delivers a 170-decibel shockwave that impairs hearing and causes a dizzying effect.


Primary Weapon


Light Machine Gun



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Breach Charge


Unique Ability

KS79 Lifeline

Real Name
Zofia Bosak
Date of Birth
January 28th (Age 36)
Place of Birth
Wrocław, Poland


“It isn’t about where you end up, it’s about how you make it home.”

Zofia Bosak is the eldest daughter of Jan Bosak, respected former commander of the Polish Special Operation Forces unit, GROM. She excelled in the grueling extracurricular training given by her father, learning diverse techniques including some considered questionable. Zofia’s exceptional attitude saw her pass the GROM selection tests with the highest possible scores. She developed extensive skills beyond hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship, specifically survival, sabotage, target extraction, and field medicine. Driven to be the highest performing soldier in any given unit, Zofia is of singular focus in all of her operations. This focus enabled her to single-handedly evacuate hundreds of civilians, including children, during a rescue mission in Guatemala. She has since earned a number of awards and gained the respect of her commanding officers and peers. Zofia stands out as a lateral thinker with decisive, aggressive operational experience and an impeccable track record both on and off the field.

Psychological report

There are layers to Specialist Zofia “Zofia” Bosak and I’ve barely scratched the surface after a handful of meetings. So we’ll take it slow. I’ve read her jacket – since her father was a public and powerful figure, it means that there are redactions even in her personal file. […] She wasn’t defensive in our meeting, but she was… distracted by my role. She didn’t want to be “analyzed,” which is exactly the response I received from her sister, Specialist Elżbieta “Ela” Bosak. […]

Zofia neither likes discussing herself nor having anyone else discuss her life, especially her military husband and their daughter. She doesn’t “do” small talk. This made the first twenty minutes of our meeting rather quiet. After offering some family details of my own, she did share a funny incident with her daughter’s morning routine. Knowing how private she is, I want to honor her trust and not mention it here. […]

She is conflicted between pride in her accomplishments and the sense that she was deprived of meaningful choices. When I said that the reports reflect someone exceptional, she laughed. She told me she often feels robotic, as if someone had programmed her and she’s on autopilot. It will be vital to disrupt that sense of powerlessness. […]

Zofia struggles with her father’s death. She doesn’t believe it was suicide and asked if I can recover his autopsy report. I’m not sure I have those kinds of connections, nor do I think it’s necessarily a good idea. His absence already pervades her every thought and I’m not convinced that having an answer would bring her the closure she needs. I’ve encouraged her ongoing efforts to rebuild the relationship with her sister instead, and to cherish the close bonds she has with her teammates and her family. […]

What strikes me most is that Zofia faces the unknown with complete equanimity. Whether it’s due to her training or her upbringing I can’t say. Undoubtedly, it’s a valuable skill. Yet where there is ambivalence there can be no joy, and I find I wish more for her than that.

-- Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow

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