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BREACH, Front Line


The X-KAIROS - a 40 mm caliber launcher - fires explosive pellets that can be detonated simultaneously from a distance.
Deliver innovative assaults by creating lines of sights, or new pathways!


Primary Weapon





Secondary Weapon



Bearing 9

Machine Pistol


Stun Grenade

Breach Charge

Unique Ability


Real Name
Yumiko Imagawa
Date of Birth
July 12th (Age 34)
Place of Birth
Nagoya, Japan


“Kyūdō is meditation in action. Explosions are part of that action.”

Imagawa is an expert in paramilitary techniques and infiltration of high-risk areas, demonstrating brilliant leadership skills in the field. Encouraged by her family, she has been practicing the long-range martial art of Kyūdō from an early age and possesses the ability to assess multiple factors simultaneously while executing precise, controlled, and fluid motions. Having trained with CTUs around the world including the SAS, FBI SWAT, and GIGN, Hibana has acquired a rare tactical versatility, with proficiency in tubular (bus, train, and airplane) assaults. During her studies at the National Police Academy, she gained the nickname Hibana due to her improvised explosive devices. Fluent in several languages and lethal with any weapon, Imagawa was recruited by the Aichi Prefectural Police Department Special Assault Team, where her diverse techniques and charisma resulted in her to moving quickly up the ranks.

Psychological report

Specialist Yumiko “Hibana” Imagawa has considerable talents. I only know a few others with as many commendations. Inspiring operatives from diverse backgrounds and putting people at ease comes naturally to her, and she’s certainly gracious with my poor attempts at Japanese. […]

I enjoy our conversations. Imagawa is very lyrical in the way she recounts her experiences. For someone who’s been around the world and encountered so many cultures, her favorite stories are of her childhood home. Like when her father would come home from his work as a butcher, and Imagawa’s mother wouldn’t allow him inside until they had hosed him down in the garden. The image of her drenched, barefoot father dancing under the spray of frigid water was a great amusement to the family. I like the story.

Memories likese these keep us grounded and I wondered if training in Kyudo had fostered this appreciation in her. When I suggested that she had an aura of inner serenity, she laughed and called me a “hippie.” […] I’d like to see if she can influence some of the others to maintain that calm sensibility. Her training with so many CTUs makes her an ideal fit for the role. Already within Rainbow Imagawa is universally respected. […]

I sense that Imagawa’s motivations are stoked by some inner fire, but she also has a competitive drive with fellow operatives. The debrief reports indicate as much. […] Imagawa does appear to be uncustomarily impatient with Specialist Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam, despite them often spending lab time together.

The dynamic surprises me because I can’t quite pin it down. When I asked, Imagawa said I was mistaken, and Dokkaebi seems not to notice or to care. I’ve read the reports and my hunch hovers over some joint training exercise with the GIGN. Imagawa may envy Nam’s easy self-assurance, which corresponds with records concerning Imagawa’s younger sister. Still, I’d like to explore this further. They aren’t necessarily at loggerheads, but it may affect future operations in some way we can’t foresee if I can’t determine the source of the rupture in Imagawa’s calm.

-- Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow

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