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Back Line, Disable, Front Line, Intel Gatherer


Twitch is a disabler and intel Operator. She can utilize these skills as either a remote back-line support or as an aggressive entry fragger.

Twitch is capable of remote disabling through her unique ability: RSD MODEL 1 SHOCK DRONE


Primary Weapon




Marksman Rifle



Secondary Weapon






Smoke Grenade


Unique Ability

Shock Drones

Real Name
Emmanuelle Pichon
Date of Birth
October 12th (Age 28)
Place of Birth
Nancy, France


“Machine learning and teamwork have one thing in common: Always lead by example.”

Pichon grew up in a family of academics in the historic city of Nancy, France, where the children were encouraged to excel in Math, Science, and Technology. Early participation in sponsored computer programming competitions led to her joining the army cadets at sixteen. Almost immediately her talent was recognized, particularly in robotics. Her superiors quickly encouraged Pichon to study engineering while continuing her career in the military. From the start, Pichon’s focus has been on adaptable technology that aids soldiers in the field. While there is much praise for her technological achievements, Pichon’s tactical prowess and ability to problem solve quickly and efficiently make her a crucial operational asset. Pichon's unique combination of talents made her well-suited for GIGN and, later, Rainbow. She is fluent in French, English, and German and her current research focus is AI.

Psychological report

Technologically creative isn’t a term I’ve heard before working with Rainbow. According to Specialist Emmanuelle “Twitch” Pichon’s field reports, it’s the most concise description for her. Of course, it doesn’t encapsulate all of who she is. There’s more depth and surprises to Pichon than anyone expects. […]

There is some academic rivalry between Pichon and her sister, a physicist, but nothing serious, she tells me. It’s endemic of the perfection her family instilled in their children. Her father told her to strive to be incredible every day and that it will resonate out into the universe. […] The Rainbow team speaks highly of her both operationally and in a social setting. Specialist Gustave “Doc” Kateb, in particular, appreciates her intuition and empathy, while others such as Specialist Olivier “Lion” Flament praise her technological know-how.

I wanted to know how Pichon interprets technological creativity. She said it’s the way she sees things differently and yet remains aware that she’s seeing things differently. So I suppose I would add “philosopher” to her myriad descriptors. […]

She’s a very hands-on researcher. The manner in which she gets right up close to a robot, interacting with it the way someone would a child or pet, illustrates her innate compassion. Pichon is currently teaching AI empathy so that it can, in turn, teach it to humans. I’d love to delve into this further, and have plans to visit the lab. […]

Because Pichon’s passion for technology as a way to improve quality of life drives her in research and in her military career, I wonder if she isn’t at times being too idealistic. She’s an excellent operator with many skills to offer besides the tech, and I want her to give more thought to where the human factor is crucial. […]

Her background and interest in AI means one of Pichon’s favorite pastimes is people watching. Whether it’s settling into a restaurant or taking a bus, she goes wherever there are crowds and studies behavior. Travel, too, excites her. The list of where she hasn’t been is shorter than where she has.

-- Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Gameplay Tips


When scouting or getting the drone from point A to B, be mindful of Mute jammers, electrified wire and Defenders. The Twitch drone will quickly become disabled or destroyed if you make a mistake.


Use your drone to take out defensive gadgets. As you only have a few shots, make sure to target gadgets and traps that would hinder Hard Breachers or Entry Fraggers. Tasing Defenders is a possibility but not a priority, unless they are down or one of your teammates is pushing them.


You will often be able to bait players with the drone, as it is high value and annoying to them. Try to tase Defenders while a teammate waits for them to move into their line of sight. This works best on Roamers, but can also make Anchors move just enough to get a clear shot.


While rare, you could find yourself in a situation where finishing a downed Defender might be difficult or impossible. Throw or drive your drone in to finish the job! You could use up several shots on the Defender but if it gets you the kill, it is well worth it.


As the Twitch drone cannot jump, you often have to be creative with how you drive it around. Sometimes throwing it through windows, deploying it on a rappel or dropping it down a hatch will be your best way to enter the site.

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