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Area Denial, Disable, Flank


Fuze is best played as an aggressive flanker and area denial Operator. His strengths allow him to dispatch defensive capabilities and harass enemies anchored in defensive positions. Fuze's APM-6 cluster charge propels a group of explosive cluster grenades through any soft breach surface.


Primary Weapon




Light Machine Gun

Ballistic Shield

Secondary Weapon






Breach Charge

Unique Ability

Cluster Charge

Real Name
Shuhrat Kessikbayev
Date of Birth
October 12th (Age 34)
Place of Birth
Samarkand, Uzbekistan


“Chaos is only an enemy if you’re unable to adapt.”

Growing up in a military family in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, Shuhrat Kessikbayev immigrated to Russia shortly before the fall of the Soviet Union. From an early age Kessikbayev displayed an aptitude for science. His interest in mechanical engineering was honed in the military where he also trained as a machinist. Kessikbayev has applied these skills in numerous engineering projects, including his own weapon, and his ability to improvise in the field with scrap materials and minimal tools has made him a legend among his fellow recruits. This is one of the key reasons he is an asset to Rainbow Operations. During his time in the 27th Motor Rifle Brigade he excelled as a sharpshooter and has extensive weapon knowledge. Deployment within the Spetsnaz is confirmed, however, all operation details remain classified. Kessikbayev is fluent in Uzbek, Russian, Ukrainian, and English.

Psychological report

To say that Specialist Shuhrat “Fuze” Kessikbayev is restrained does not give the full picture. I was reminded of my grandmother’s phrase: “Talking to him was like pulling teeth.” When other operators referred to him as mysterious I thought they were joking. I wouldn’t say that he’s difficult. He’s quite pleasant and hospitable. But he is… contained. It took some work but we finally managed to have a revealing conversation. […]

Kessikbayev is quiet except with Specialist Timur “Glaz” Glazkov. When he does speak, people tend to hang off his every word. Field reports mention that Kessikbayev readily makes himself available in team planning but often falls into a cone of silence during operations. It’s critical that he maintains communications with his team, otherwise there may be further altercations such as the one with Specialist Siu Mei “Ying” Lin regarding civilian casualties. This is doubly critical given some of our operators come from units with “zero casualty” rules […]

It was necessary to address past reports about Kessikbayev's recklessness, so I asked him to describe an operation from his point of view. His objective, he explained, is to break down the defenses as efficiently as possible, but insists he isn’t careless. It’s clear that his creative engineering skills are a critical asset. He’s highly intelligent and calculating. While hard-hitting, Kessikbayev does possess good situational awareness. I suggested that he concentrate on improving this during future ops. […]

I was unable to ascertain any details about his brother who is allegedly MIA. That file remains classified. However, I did manage to get Kessikbayev to open up a bit about his personal life. He was engaged for two years but the wedding was called off after he decided it was “not the road to take.” A proud Uzbek and a proud Russian, Kessikbayev said that growing up his parents encouraged them to embrace all that was Russian, so it wasn’t until his teens when he learned to embrace his Uzbek heritage. I asked him to elaborate on the experiences, but in his typical understated way he simply replied, “It was interesting.”

-- Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Gameplay Tips


Fuze is good for more than just killing defenders. His cluster charge can destroy all gadgets placed in a defensive stronghold. If you can get above a hallway or room full of barbed wire, traps or defenders, your cluster charge will shoot small charges that will guarantee an easier entry later in the round.


Defenders have a few seconds to get away or take cover from the damage of the APM-6 cluster charge. They will often take the shortest route. Be ready with a line of sight and pick them off one by one as they run to safety - strong to counter anchor players in predictable spots.


The cluster charge might seem chaotic, but it's more predictable than you think - it will always disperse in a fan like pattern, starting from left to right. How you place it in will greatly impact the spread and area covered by the Cluster - experiment with this and learn to cover as much ground as possible.

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