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Equipped with an acoustic hailing device, this signature drone can fire ultrasonic bursts that disorient all targets in a given perimeter. Yokai also transmits a video feed to Echo, who keeps his immediate perimeter secure.
Embrace the power of technology and embody a turret Defender who can both hold up the siege and support roamers.


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Bearing 9

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Real Name
Masaru Enatsu
Date of Birth
October 31st (Age 36)
Place of Birth
Suginami, Tokyo


“Don’t ask me what I’m doing on my phone. You don’t want to know.”

Enatsu grew up in Suginami, outside of Tokyo. Fascinated with robotics from an early age, he designed and programmed both terrestrial and flying drones and went on to win numerous competitions. After studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Tokyo Metropolitan University, Enatsu was encouraged to join the National Police Agency Security Bureau where he worked tirelessly in their research and development lab. Trained in counter-terrorism and intelligence gathering, Enatsu began designing specific tech that would better aid the Bureau. Joint training after the Nagoya hostage crisis prompted Enatsu to transfer to the Aichi Prefectural Police Department Special Unit where his tenacious focus enabled him to find creative solutions and alternate strategies. He eventually returned to Tokyo, where his exceptional intel gathering techniques as well as his quick and unpredictable methodology caught the attention of Rainbow.

Psychological report

To say that Specialist Masaru “Echo” Enatsu’s file has a few flags regarding his conduct is an understatement. Prior to our first session together I had met with every other member of Rainbow – some more than once. So when the conversation began with Enatsu admitting he’d been avoiding me, I knew we were going to get along.

Often, I would rather not read a file first, to give someone a chance to tell me who they are in their own words. In this case it was important that I know what people think, because Enatsu was braced for my reaction. […]

I gather he and his family aren’t close. He joked that a calculator has more emotional range than his parents. This upbringing has made him resistant to working in groups, because a friendly, mutually beneficial dynamic isn’t one he’s familiar with. It’s my hope his time with Rainbow will help, but his desire to explore the “AI” of his fellow operators by pushing their buttons is something that may need to be handled from within the group. […]

Enatsu’s tactics have been described as tricky and unpredictable. This can work as a strong team strategy but it demands communication. […] I’d also encourage the team to think of how best to utilize Enatsu’s potential. Some operators assume there will be issues with him before they even begin, which leads to predictable results. […]

Specialists Yumiko “Hibana” Imagawa and Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam work with Enatsu on R&D quite often, actually. I’ve also noticed that he’s developed a rapport with Specialist Taina “Caveira” Pereira. I suspect he appreciates Pereira’s candor, since it ties into his own assumption that people who are offended simply don’t “get the joke.” […]

Enatsu frustrates easily. He has few outside interests, and consequently thinks only about improving his operational efficiency. It’s important that he recognize that everyone needs diversions – those in high-stress jobs even more so. It isn’t a sign of weakness to “switch off” every now and again, even if he has been conditioned to believe that a restful mind indicates a lack of intelligence.

-- Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow

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