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Multiple layers of transparent polycarbonate and thermoplastic armor, coated with a spall shield and backed with ultra-light weight laminated glass.
Protects the user against blunt impact and artillery fire.


Primary Weapon

Mk17 CQB



Marksman Rifle

Secondary Weapon




Stun Grenade


Impact Grenade

Unique Ability

Rifle Shield

Real Name
Craig Jenson
Date of Birth
March 12th (Age 32)
Place of Birth
Bellevue, Washington


“I’m a diver. We’re used to seeing threats through a layer of tempered glass.”

Instead of following the family tradition in the medical sciences, Jenson joined the US Navy. His early years in the Boy Scouts and the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (Blue Angels Squadron) solidified his desire to serve his country and see the world. Joining the military offered him the ideal opportunity to pursue an academic education while learning a wide range of skills that fueled his adventurous spirit. After his initial military stint, Jenson focused on the US Navy SEALs as his ultimate career goal. Driven to succeed in his profession and his private life, he has climbed Mount Everest, participated in US sailing championships, and has sailed around the world on several occasions.

Psychological report

Specialist Craig “Blackbeard” Jenson has a commanding presence, complemented by a boisterous sense of humor and a booming laugh. Outside his operational role, Jenson doesn’t appear to take too many things seriously. He was relaxed and open throughout our conversation, describing himself as “gung-ho and an all-in kind of guy.” I have to admit I don’t hear “gung-ho” too often. […]

Athletic, rugged, a mountain climber and competitive sailor, Jenson tells me that he’s most himself when he’s in nature. He says the wilderness encourages adaptation and builds willpower, tolerance, and acceptance. This seems to be something he’s been cultivating since his youth. I asked him if there was a job out there that he would do if he wasn’t in the military. He told me that he thought about becoming an oceanographer but right now there’s “still a lot of shine on being a SEAL”. […]

I asked him when he first discovered his taste for adventure. At five years old he snuck out of bed and hauled all the family camping equipment into the woods behind his house. He camped there for two days, then returned so his parents wouldn’t worry. He later learned that they knew exactly where he was and had been keeping an eye on him. He regrets not staying out longer. […] He says his great-grandfather quit his job one day, left his wife and kids, and went North to be a gold miner. Jenson says he shares that same passion to explore, though he’s not at all interested in abandoning his own wife and children. […]

Present day pirates are a serious concern to the Navy, and Jenson has participated in multiple anti-piracy task forces. That said, when at home he enjoys playing swashbuckler pirates with his kids. Jenson says pirates were egalitarian, and that it was similar to how a Rainbow team might conduct an operation. […] He’s a solid operator with a clear image of his role. He’s successful at it and well-liked by his team. If he wants to play pirates in his downtime, I think it sounds like fun.

-- Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow

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