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Anti Roam, Back Line, Crowd Control, Intel Gatherer


Twitch provided him with an aerial drone while he served with GIGN. The EE-ONE-D helps Lion maintain quarantine by detecting movement in an area, giving an overview of hot zones or of the battlefield. His drone can stay airborne indefinitely, but he must choose the right moment to perform his scans.


Primary Weapon




Marksman Rifle



Secondary Weapon


Hand Cannon




Stun Grenade


Unique Ability


Real Name
Olivier Flament
Date of Birth
August 29th (Age 31)
Place of Birth
Toulouse, France


“Confusing what is right with what is easy can lead down a dangerous path.”

When Flament’s rebellious antics landed him in hospital, disowned by his family and on the brink of homelessness, he enlisted with the French Armed Forces in an attempt to gain control of his life. Early reports flagged Flament’s skills and aptitude as well-suited for specific training in CBRN. The additional structure and strict discipline of advanced training allowed him to excel and he was quickly recruited into the 2nd Dragoon Regiment, where he worked primarily with their environmental monitoring sensors.

Flament showed a fascination for bacteriology and virology, specifically vector control. Recognizing that his abilities could be better applied elsewhere, he resigned from the army and joined the Gendarmerie, with a view towards the GIGN’s Operational Support Force (FAO). His ability to remain focused and perform precise tasks under stressful conditions caught the attention Specialist Melnikova during a joint mission in Nigeria, who recommended him as a candidate for Rainbow.

Psychological report

Scars. A few of our operators have more than their fair share. Specialist Olivier “Lion” Flament, however, has used the army to help heal his. No outlet is perfect, and battle fatigue has a way of piling up, but he channels his frustrations into determination. His approach is motivated by such singular focus that it makes him one of our more formidable and consistent team members. […]

Something that I try to impart to our team is the value of introspection. Flament, with his Catholic faith, already understands this. He openly discusses his regrets and I can see they give him clarity and purpose. The past isn’t something that he’s forgotten or tried to erase. It motivates him, but has no hold on him. […]

In my sessions, I ask for one good thing that happened recently, no matter how small. Some have described a perfect breakfast they had, or the movie that made them laugh so hard they cried. Flament talks about his love of heavy metal music, his faith, and his son.

While the pain of being disowned by his father may never truly fade, it’s prompted Flament to engage with his son more constructively. He treasures their relationship, perhaps because he realizes how close he came to never knowing Alexis at all. In the pictures Flament shares with me I can see the results of his efforts. […]

Three of our GIGN Operators – Specialists Emmanuelle “Twitch” Pichon, Gustave “Doc” Kateb, and Flament – are all haunted by a shared tragedy. This friction over Flament quarantining doctors and nurses who later died can’t continue. Joint sessions with Kateb and Flament are already planned. We will resolve this, one way or another. […]

Flament tells me that, thanks to his military service, he’s reinvented himself – but that suggests a different person. I think it’s more like reshaping. A dedicated operator, a tireless volunteer… A caring father. He’s always been these things. His tattoo – the French Army’s motto, "Give me a chance to shine" – tells Flament’s story. For him to continue growing, he will have accept his intrinsic ability to change.

-- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow

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