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The F-NATT DREAD MINE is a throwable device that sticks to walls, so it can be hidden in places where fear can fester. Fenrir comes equipped with 5 mines and can activate 3 at a time anywhere on the map.


Primary Weapon





Secondary Weapon

Bailiff 410


5.7 USG



Barbed Wire

Bulletproof camera

Unique Ability

F-Natt Dread Mine

Real Name
Emil Svensson
Date of Birth
December 3rd (Age 34)
Place of Birth
Uppsala, Sweden


“Fear is a teacher. There’s always a lesson to be learned.”

Svensson was a curious boy growing up in Uppsala, where his parents encouraged his fascination with animal biology by enrolling him in every science class they could find. On track to attend his hometown’s University to pursue his passion, his focus shifted following his mandatory service. He learned that he had an affinity for physical fitness and tactical organization and became especially interested in how combat affects soldiers’ emotional states. Following his service period, he studied neurochemistry and joined the Swedish Armed Forces, quickly earning his way up.

As a communicator in the Special Operations Group, he expanded his skillset and aimed to develop strategies that would improve his peers’ performance. When his project to create formulas that alter soldiers’ emotions was denied, his insistence caused him to be discharged. Estranged from his family and made a pariah in the scientific and military communities, he had few options when Deimos approached him. With his newfound partner and funding, Svensson developed his technology until it became evident that he was being used to create a dangerous weapon. Taking his research with him, Svensson escaped Deimos’s facility and sought out Rainbow.


I understand the squad’s reluctance in accepting Specialist Emil “Fenrir” Svensson as one of our own. I was just as skeptical when he approached us, but I couldn’t ignore the possibility that his information on our enemy might give us the upper hand. I figured we could decide what to do with him later.

Deimos is dangerous, and I considered that Svensson might be a spy, so I had Buck join me during interviews. On paper, Fenrir is exactly the type of person Rainbow would seek out to recruit. He’s an intellectual, and an ambitious tactician in peak form. As I learned more about his career path, I realized the traits that led to his military discharge are ones I expect in a member of Redhammer: unflinching drive, conviction, and readiness to put himself in harm’s way when necessary.

I can’t fully absolve him of his work with Deimos, but I can relate to the regret Svensson feels. He had no prior knowledge of the enemy’s operations, so I can’t blame him for accepting the offer. It's easy to get tunnel vision when pursuing groundbreaking research, but eventually you have to come to your senses and notice what's around you. The turning point for him was witnessing Deimos use an unstable version of his fear toxin on his colleagues. As he puts it, his work was meant to help people, not hurt them.

The way I see it, I have my hands on an excellent specialist who knows more about our enemy than any of us do. I’d call that an asset. He passed every test I threw his way, and Buck didn’t raise any red flags. Kaid has protested openly against Fenrir, but he’ll have to come around. We need to take Deimos down.

-- Captain Jordan “Thermite” Trace, Redhammer Squad Leader

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