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Belgian Special Forces Group



R.O.U. Projector System rolls after it's thrown by Sens and drops small projectors to create a screen along its path. Although physical objects can still pass through the screen, it's highly flexible—cutting off multiple lines of sight at once.


Primary Weapon




Marksman Rifle

Secondary Weapon

SDP 9mm



Hand Cannon




Unique Ability

R.O.U. Projector System

Real Name
Néon Ngoma Mutombo
Date of Birth
March 3rd (Age 30)
Place of Birth
Brussels, Belgium


“Brute force only gets you so far. Victory is determined in the mind of a strategist.”

Growing up in a tight-knit family unit, Ngoma was able to pursue their interests without much resistance. They learned everything they could about psychology and physics, all the while receiving classical music training with their two younger siblings. Ngoma also learned the basics of mechanics in their father’s garage, effectively rounding out the skillset that they would later apply in their career.

They excelled in tactical training and military sciences, going on to become a combat engineer. Bright and imaginative, Ngoma proved invaluable in every task they tackled. They would support their comrades with strategies and technologies to divert enemies’ attention and break down hostile defenses. Their specialization in such tactics, which had the reputation of minimizing casualties on all sides without compromising objectives, earned Ngoma several service medals. They eventually caught the attention of the Belgian Special Forces Group, under which they have served ever since.

Psychological report

Assessing Specialist Néon “Sens” Ngoma was difficult at times. They have a habit of diverting the conversation to theories of psychology, rather than how it applies to them. Still, I was able to get the information I was looking for in the moments in-between. When speaking of their understanding of human behavior, they often bring up childhood memories of people-watching and solving puzzles. Much like a puzzle cube needs to be aligned in a precise sequence, Ngoma predicts how people will react with the right push. […]

When asked about their upbringing, they only have good things to say about their family. Their parents, one Belgian and the other Congolese, were happy to support all three siblings in their (quite different) career choices. Ngoma recalls that when they and their youngest sibling came out, their father insisted that the only thing he expected of his children was honesty.

Whatever difficulties they might have encountered between then and now have done nothing to quell their spirit. Being warm and open is, as Ngoma says, not just a great way to make friends, but also their way of spiting those who try to get in their way. It seems to be working out well for them so far. […]

As I often try to do these days, I inquired about Ngoma’s hobbies, and I was surprised to learn that music has a big place in their life. They praised it as the universal language of love. They connect to the world by listening to artists from all over, to their father’s heritage with songs from his home, and to their youngest sibling by playing her EDM sets at every opportunity. […]

Ngoma is a complex person, and I understand that certain things must be experienced in order to be understood. Still, I’m confident that they will feel at home with Wolfguard. There’s something about their kindness that I can only describe as defiant. That’s the sort of attitude that is sure to mesh well with Doc.

-- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Behavioral Analyst

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