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"The “Luison” is wrapped in a rock-based mineral fiber to both insulate and soundproof the silencer. This weapon allows Caveira to incapacitate her target discreetly and conduct an interrogation.
The “Luison” is not only formidable to neutralize your opponent while remaining undetected; it also ensures that no one gets away.


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Impact Grenade

Observation Blocker

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Silent Step

Real Name
Taina Pereira
Date of Birth
October 15th (Age 27)
Place of Birth
Rinópolis, Brazil


“Not every child gets to choose who they grow up to be.”

Pereira is seventh of ten kids, born to a widowed mother in a small town of the state of São Paulo. After moving to Rio de Janeiro at a young age, Pereira was arrested for robbery and offered a choice between juvenile reformatory and working with the Polícia Militar as an informant. Years of undercover operations within Brazil’s notorious gangs made her a master of interrogation techniques and surveillance, and Pereira is now frequently called upon to conduct training exercises within the force. Her skills in confined environment tactics, extraction, and extreme risk situations are exemplary. It was Pereira’s actions during the Rio de Janeiro Security Crisis that caught the attention of Rainbow, though multiple reports note that she is considered a dangerous, free-roaming operator. Outside of her professional record, little is known of Pereira’s life, except that she enjoys learning different languages and fighting in unofficial Jiu Jitsu tournaments.

Psychological report

It’s too obvious to describe Specialist Taina “Caveira” Pereira as fearless and intelligent when a slew of reports describe how daring she is on operations; how she isn’t one to ruminate before she reacts; that she’s about getting the job done. And while her successes haven’t gone unnoticed, she’s been denied commendations due to her rebellious nature. With all that, on our first meeting I was expecting – who was I expecting? […]

Starting her military career as an informant tells me she’s a survivor. In that context, it made more sense to ask why she continued once her mandatory sentence had ended. She told me it went from being a way out to being a way of life. She’s still defiant, up against the system. But it’s also clear, even as she teases others about their “superhero sense of justice,” that she takes her role seriously. […]

Pereira is often criticized for being blunt by those who don’t understand large family dynamics – particularly with so many brothers. Though very close with her siblings, Pereira had to fight to be heard or even noticed. It’s understandable that she treasures privacy, and exudes great satisfaction with having her own way. At the same time, her family dynamics made her comfortable with noise and spontaneity, and she understands the subtleties of group dynamics far better than others her age. It’s one of the reasons she’s so skilled with interrogation. I do hate to imagine how the streets may have sharpened that skill, though. […]

Pereira has made it clear we won’t be discussing her private life. By the way she played with her necklace, I think she was protecting someone close rather than slighting me. […]

So, who was I expecting when I met Specialist Pereira? She isn’t someone who can be anticipated or predicted. That’s not an ominous warning. Quite the opposite. I have utmost faith in her abilities, in her poise and inner focus. Where others see rebellion, I see resourcefulness. Pereira is full of surprises, but it’s my opinion we can trust her to do the right thing.

-- Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow

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