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Controlled from a distance, the RCE-Ratero Charge races forward while Flores scouts a location for its blast. Once triggered, the Ratero clutches onto the nearest surface, armors itself with a bulletproof shell, and explodes, destroying nearby gadgets and soft surfaces.


Primary Weapon




Marksman Rifle

Secondary Weapon




Stun Grenade


Unique Ability


Real Name
Santiago Miguel Lucero
Date of Birth
October 2nd (Age 38)
Place of Birth
Buenos Aires, Argentina


“In life, you have to commit to the things that make you happy. For me, that’s robbing the rich and corrupt.”

Providing for his mother as her health slowly declined, Lucero was unfulfilled with work in the public sector and unimpressed with military school. This drew him to burglary as an occupation, and he found purpose in robbing powerful criminals to give back to the poor. Operating in the Flores district of Buenos Aires, Lucero’s notoriety grew and he came to be known as ‘the Man from Flores.’

When his identity was exposed and he had to flee, Specialist Eliza “Ash” Cohen offered him asylum in the United States. In exchange, he provided evidence against Buenos Aires’ most ruthless crime lords. With a new life in Los Angeles, Lucero opened his own food truck from which he operated heists for five years. When Cohen became aware of his activities, she offered him a seat at her table, and a stable future in which he could build a family

Psychological report

"Because of his stubborn and perfectionist nature, Specialist Santiago “Flores” Lucero struggles to separate the personal from the professional. He likes to put people at ease and regularly cracks jokes, but he often gets in his own way by overanalyzing mundane situations.

I can understand the impulse to cover all possibilities, considering his mother was killed in retaliation of his activities in Buenos Aires. He needs to realize that he’s in good hands here. In the long run, I’m certain his interactions with the others, particularly Specialist Eliza “Ash” Cohen, with whom he’s already familiar, will help him let down his guard.

As a bonding exercise, I had Santiago cook his favorite Argentinian meals for us to share and it became easier to dive into deeper subjects. I learned that despite his charms, he’s not afraid to be vocal about social issues and his efforts to give back to impoverished communities. He also confessed that his marriage was as much of a surprise to him as it was to me. Maybe in time we’ll find out why his husband isn’t bothered by his criminal career.

We also delved into how his childhood shaped who he is today. While he adheres to this traditional idea of “machismo,” he’s quick to point out that his mother taught him to think independently. He has no memories of his father and his political activism, but he likes to talk about how his mother was proud of him for also doing what he felt was right, regardless of the consequences. [...]

I’m glad Santiago has been taking the time to observe everyone else’s methods in order to improve his own. He learned a lot at the Colegio Militar in El Palomar and I’m sure his years of criminal activity helped in that regard. However, I believe his budding friendship with Specialists Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam and Tori “Gridlock” Fairous, based mostly on technology and food, will be greatly beneficial.

-- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow

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