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Chul Kyung’s quiet lethality in the field allows him to rely on his Electronic Rendering Cloak (ERC-7) to remain undetected.
The ERC-7 uses Diminished Reality technology to remove perceivable stimuli from its direct environment. Vigil carries a prototype in his backpack, which scans surrounding electronic devices and wipes his image from any cameras in view.


Primary Weapon





Secondary Weapon

C75 Auto

Machine Pistol


Machine Pistol


Bulletproof camera

Impact Grenade

Unique Ability


Real Name
Chul Kyung Hwa
Date of Birth
January 17th (Age 34)
Place of Birth


“Don’t worry about me. I was never here.”

Much of Hwa’s early records are unclear. His birth parents remain unknown. What is known is that he suffered the loss of his older brother and father in their bid to reach the Republic of Korea. School records track him from late adolescence, when he was adopted into the Hwa family. Initial reports indicate signs of early trauma – reclusive, slow reader – however, his later grades show great improvement and focus.

Hwa gravitated toward electronics and electrical engineering. Wanting to use his talents and demonstrate pride for his country, he chose to join the ROK Navy. He later earned a berth in the ROKN UDT/SEALs, with a knack for radar systems and stealth technology. Handpicked by the respected 707th Special Mission Battalion for unconventional warfare missions, he proved to be quick and lethal. Hwa served together with Specialist Grace “Dokkaebi” Nam until their recruitment into Rainbow.

Psychological report

Specialist Chul Kyung “Vigil” Hwa had a tumultuous childhood. Much of it is lost to him, and what he remembers is precious. I assured him that my role isn’t to pick apart his past or dredge up events that would unsettle him, though of course I’m always here should he or any of our operators need me. I explained that my role is to shape a cohesive team – everyone fits in some way, and it’s up to me to piece it all together. […]

Preservation of anonymity drives everything Hwa does. He’s uncomfortable with me recording our conversations, and that a notification on my phone revealed our meeting time. He’s equally anxious in social situations. It’s difficult to tell if he has a strong self-concept or an utter lack of one. What is apparent is that Hwa can’t let anyone in, which means he’s often trapped alone with his own thoughts. […]

I wanted him to have a clear picture of who he was, at that moment, in my office. To see himself not just as an elite operator or a small child who lost his family. So I suppose he may not have understood where I was going when I asked if he liked Saturday morning cartoons.

We ran through a casual series of likes and dislikes ranging from quiet contemplation to free association. He was uncomfortable, but he humored me. As he relaxed, some of his own answers caught him off guard. From discussing breakfast cereals and the realization that he doesn’t know how to ride a bike, he was able to relate a memory to me. He described how the scent of hot soup triggered a vivid image – a woman, who he assumed was his mother, smiling and handing him a bowl. His face softened, and for a moment, he was home. […]

I’ve encouraged Hwa to carry on these associative exercises throughout his day. I know various members of Rainbow have reached out to him and while there are indications he respects them, there are still barriers he may not yet be ready to take down.

-- Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow

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