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Brava's Kludge Drone is a sabotage tool capable of taking over opponents' devices. If the device can't be controlled, it's destroyed instead.


Primary Weapon




Marksman Rifle

Secondary Weapon



Super Shorty



Smoke Grenade


Unique Ability

Kludge Drone

Real Name
Nayara Cardoso
Date of Birth
January 10th (40)
Place of Birth
Curitiba, Brazil


“Sometimes the only path to justice is through a bullet…”

Brava’s childhood was impacted by the untimely death of her cousin, an innocent bystander in a heist gone wrong. The criminal involvement in the event motivated Cardoso to pursue a degree in law. Her inability to effect significant change within the system as a criminal prosecutor left her disillusioned and prompted her to join the Departamento de Polícia Federal (DPF).

As an Agent de Polícia Federal, Cardoso combated interstate and federal crime, eventually becoming a Federal Police Commissioner. She commanded investigations, issued warrants, and following a special recommendation from the DPF, moved to Brasilia to apply to the Comando de Operações Táticas (COT). After completing the 18-week course of air, amphibious, and riverside operations training, Cardoso joined the COT’s high-risk interventions unit.

Brava’s specialization in resolving civil aircraft hijackings brought her to the attention of Captain Yumiko “Hibana” Imagawa, but it’s her stellar performance record that earned her a place in Viperstrike.


The formal record indicates my reasons for recruiting Specialist Nayara “Brava” Cardoso are tied to her “stellar performance record.” Allow me to be elaborate as to why Brava is a natural fit for the foremost CTU in the world, Viperstrike.

During Operation Crushed Rock, she single-handedly turned an impossible situation into a victory. The official purpose of the mission, rescuing hostages that included her cousin Specialist Vicente “Capitão” Souza, was optimistic to say the least. It was well known that the criminal organization holding him never let anyone go alive, and that if Capitão was still breathing in the first place it was because they believed he could be broken. Despite the COT’s faultless preparation, the long odds saw their tactical execution fall apart. With no other recourse, Brava became judge, jury, and executioner on that mission, and was the only reason Souza made it out with his life. If any one of the dozens of criminals holding Capitão had survived, I’m sure their nightmares would be haunted by images of Brava storming their compound. Her performance on that day is what legends are made of, and legends belong in Viperstrike.

Brava knows the cost of pulling the trigger like few others do. Yet throughout it all she remains an idealist, which make missions like Operation [REDACTED] exact a hard toll on her. There is an old saying in Kyūdō, “Shooting with technique improves the shooting, but shooting with spirit improves the person.” Brava does all the personal and professional work required to transcend her personal preferences and be decisive in the field. The squad will benefit from someone that shoots with spirit.

It will be important to keep an eye on her relationship with Capitão. He seems to want to bond with her, but she shuts him out. When I asked about it, she told me that “personal relationships are distracting,” but that hasn’t stopped Brava from developing a friendship with Jäger over their shared enthusiasm for aircraft. I will let it lie so long as it doesn’t bleed into our operation performance.

-- Captain Yumiko “Hibana” Imagawa, Viperstrike Squad Leader

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