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Bandit is a secure, anti-hard breacher and roamer, capable of denying key entry points for the attackers and defending the objective while on the move.

Bandit is capable of electrifying a variety of surfaces thanks to his special ability: Crude Electrical Device or CED-1 Shock Wire.


Primary Weapon





Secondary Weapon




Barbed Wire

Nitro Cell

Unique Ability

Shock Wire

Real Name
Dominic Brunsmeier
Date of Birth
August 13th (Age 42)
Place of Birth
Berlin, Germany


“Survival is all about timing. Nature doesn’t give second chances.”

Brunsmeier and his twin brother were raised in a working class district near the Berlin Wall. Their father worked in the police force and strongly encouraged them to join. While working with Bundespolizei (BPOL) Brunsmeier excelled in crisis situations. He transferred to the Aviation Group long enough to obtain his helicopter license but his adaptability and experience with border surveillance flagged him for undercover operations. He was embedded as an undercover agent in the terrorist organization Red Army Faction (RAF), where his contribution was critical in seeing key members arrested and providing valuable information. While undercover, Brunsmeier honed skills in guerrilla tactics and improvised explosive devices. He developed prototypes of his electrified barricade and deployable shield. He is fluent in German, English, Polish and Turkish.

Psychological report

I wouldn’t expect an operator who worked undercover for years amongst dangerous biker gangs and militants to be anything less than clever and adaptive. And in re-reading Specialist Dominic “Bandit” Brunsmeier’s file I’m struck by just how resourceful he had to be. It’s clear he had to be creative and strategic to stay alive. Frankly then, I was surprised by his sense of humor. It must’ve sustained him through his undercover operations. That said, he can have a cold intensity. Nothing reminds me that I’m a soft civilian more than looking into Brunsmeier’s eyes. […]

Brunsmeier certainly speaks fondly of his brother. He enjoys being an uncle to his brother’s kids – how they’re the only ones who let him be as silly as he’d like. He told me about their childhood in the shadow of the Berlin Wall. How sometimes they’d hear a BOOM from something triggering a land mine. And how they couldn’t resist pranking the patrol guards with some twin antics. […]

I didn’t want to ask about the undercover work directly. It wasn’t until our most recent meeting when he volunteered some information. Brunsmeier described the challenge of remembering the real “you” when immersed in another persona. The question: “Who are you?” would creep into his sleep. If he dared to form an answer, he knew he was as good as dead. Even considering the question was dangerous. So he would push it away. We discussed details of what he had to do to ensure his cover wasn’t blown, the source of some fantastic rumors circulating about him. Smiling, he assured me they’re only half true. I don’t want to break his confidence here. I merely need to assess if it has any lasting impact on him and the Rainbow team. […] The most I can offer at this time is that the team works well together. […]

It’s critical that Brunsmeier doesn’t close himself off. Training scenarios alongside operators such as Specialists Miles “Castle” Campbell, Emmanuelle “Twitch” Pichon, or Elias “Blitz” Kötz could help. These operators have calming attributes that may temper Brunsmeier’s inner demons.

-- Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow

Elite Skins

Gameplay Tips


The Attackers will often try to deny batteries early on. In the Preparation phase, watch out for Twitch drones. Once the round has started, try to keep a count on how many EMPs or Twitch drones the team has seen and be ready to redeploy or replace your batteries.


While you mostly want to electrify reinforced walls, you can also place your batteries on deployable shields or barbed wire. This can be great to counter shield operators, or stop drones from getting further. A great combo is a battery on a wall equipped with Mira's Black Mirror.


Whenever a gadget or an Attacker hits anything you have electrified you will hear a loud zap sound, remember the placements and you can react to this.


If you hear or see Thatcher or a Twitch drone approching or if the floor above you starts getting opened, be quick and see if you can save the batteries. They are always better used somewhere else than destroyed. This can save the round later, but is never worth dying for.


A good Bandit is able to counter Thermite and Hibana by placing the battery right after the hard breach has been placed. This is very hard to counter unless the Attackers force you to move with grenades or something like that.

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