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You've heard the buzz, and the Kawan Hive Launcher is here! Firing off a projectile releases a swarm of bots that track the location of opponents who walk through it. Just don't get them in your eyes.


Primary Weapon

552 Commando




Secondary Weapon

P229 RC



Breach Charge


Unique Ability

Kawan Hive Launcher

Real Name
Charlie Tho Keng Boon
Date of Birth
April 5th (Age 39)
Place of Birth
Jurong, Singapore


“Get out of my way.”

Growing up in Jurong, Singapore, Keng Boon could often be found in the wilderness learning and practicing the skills he was taught by his survivalist father. At 18, he was conscripted into National Service and thrust into the NDU - Singapore's elite naval special forces formation. A prime candidate for the Frogman School (FMS), Keng Boon’s endurance and focus assured successful completion of FMS training and advancement to the Clearance Diving Group (CDG).

As part of the Naval Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit (EOD), Keng Boon worked closely with countermeasure platforms. He then attended the SAF Military Intelligence Institute's School of Army Reconnaissance where, as the “eyes and ears” of the SAF, he was trained to be stealthy, obtain information, and provide accurate and timely intelligence reports. His skills in reconnaissance and security brought Keng Boon to Kali’s attention as a potential Nighthaven agent.

Psychological report

Agent Charlie Tho “Grim” Keng Boon is a difficult man to get to know, let alone bond with. Within minutes of our initial meeting, I had the sense he was conducting his own evaluation. There is a coldness to him that makes me wonder what would have occurred had I not met his qualifications.

Even as a child Keng Boon displayed a predatory disposition. When he talked about afternoons spent helping his mother tend her beehives, he referred to an incident worth exploring. One of those afternoons was interrupted by an armed assailant. Using a strategy he observed in bees, Keng Boon took down the man, who was twice his size, by focusing on the sensitive areas around the head. His aggression was so precise and overwhelming that his mother’s attacker never recovered from the resulting coma. When I asked if this event affects him today, Keng Boon answered “No.” Whether guilt regarding the event was dismissed or present at all is undetermined.

Despite his lack of sociability, he demonstrates no discomfort working within a combat unit. In [REDACTED], Commander [REDACTED] states “Keng Boon’s ruthlessness is an asset to [REDACTED]. The [REDACTED] casualties resulting from [REDACTED] were justifiable risks with no unsanctioned kills. Despite [REDACTED]’s brutality he knows the rules and operates within them.” He seems to regard other soldiers as tools in his well assembled arsenal, deploying them in a dehumanizing yet effective manner. I admit to some concerns regarding Agent Keng Boon, his sense of detachment could signal unaddressed traumas that diminish his efficacy in the field…

(Comment_J.K.Shah: His tough exterior doesn’t come from any unaddressed trauma, he just doesn’t give a shit. - Kali)

[…] I did expect some friction in the lab with Janković given how protective she is of her space. So far he’s displayed nothing beyond exemplary professionalism. While she does most of the talking and Keng Boon all the frowning, there seems to be a mutual understanding between them; Janković was even seen reading a detective novel that was previously on Keng Boon’s desk. […]

-- Nighthaven Psych Division

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