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Inspired by the new breed of stun grenades showcased by the S.A.S., this mercury and magnesium based explosive creates a multitude of blinding flashes.
The Candela device releases a cluster of flash charges that can either be anchored on surfaces or thrown out as a grenade.


Primary Weapon

T-95 LSW

Light Machine Gun



Secondary Weapon





Smoke Grenade

Unique Ability


Real Name
Siu Mei Lin
Date of Birth
May 12th (Age 33)
Place of Birth
Hong Kong, Central


“Protecting others is a calling. If you don’t feel it, walk away.”

Born in the affluent Central District of Hong Kong, Siu became a close protection operative immediately after high school. Having developed explosive short-range power and combat skills via private tuition, she joined an elite security service with the aim of becoming an all-purpose operative. She traveled to Tel Aviv, Israel, where she spent two years training and serving with the Caracal Battalion, developing an expertise in firearms and combat driving. She returned to Hong Kong, where she joined the police force and then the elite SDU: Flying Tigers. Joint training with the S.A.S. and her creative use of flashbangs earned her the codename, Ying (Firefly). Frequently called upon due to her experience in close protection detail and high-risk operations, Siu is one of the best specialists for operations involving Hong Kong's dense urban population.

Psychological report

Commanders have a tendency to see Specialist Siu “Ying” Mei Lin as conventional. While she can be conservative in her strategic planning, she’s surprisingly quick to change tack. This is perfectly illustrated by the tactical driving maneuvers she’s able to perform, calculating multiple adaptive routes in fractions of a second. It’s genuinely impressive.

Though serious and, I noticed, quite fastidious, I can see why clients and teammates feel secure and comfortable with her around. She has a manner that is tailored for putting people at ease, even as she constantly scans the environment for threats. I wondered about the fastidiousness, whether it comes from the thought processes imposed upon her by her training, or if it’s a trait she’s always had. Her response was, “Column A, Column B.” […]

Her childhood was comfortable – but, she points out, “boring.” Her mother is a Hong Kong government worker and she grew up surrounded by serious adults, discussing serious things. From a young age, ten or so, Siu would slip away from these “boring conversations” to wander the city. Her favorite memories are of riding the MTR – the subway – and jumping off at random stops. And she told me that wherever she travels, in her off-time, she still does this. She says the best way to get to know a city is to let it surprise you. […]

It’s a shame that this sense of adventure isn’t reflected in her official file. After our conversation, it’s clear that Siu has a limitless sense of adventure and fearless enthusiasm for new experiences. She unabashedly gets excited at the idea of joint operations and is often one of the first to volunteer.

Invested in her career and role in law enforcement, she never wavers in her dedication… Which often forces her superiors to order to take time off. So, her seriousness can be misconstrued. I think she’s someone who is always calculating risks. She understands how to wreak havoc on the opposition and unsettle them. The team considers her valuable but she expects clear strategic leadership, and I would caution commanders not to underestimate her.

-- Dr. Harishva “Harry” Pandey, Director of Rainbow

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