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The transparent and bulletproof Talon-8 Shield can be carried by Osa or deployed on floors or window frames, giving her a protective line of sight while she formulates an attack strategy.


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Smoke Grenade


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EMP Grenade

Real Name
Anja Katarina Janković
Date of Birth
April 29th (Age 27)
Place of Birth
Split, Croatia


“The best ideas come to me when I exclude rules and guidelines from the equation.”

Born to the Janković family, owners of European toy stores, Anja traveled with her parents constantly, so she never felt stable until she moved in with her aunt in Croatia at the age of 6. She began her schooling there and learned the family trade of toymaking, all the while developing a near obsession for 60s science-fiction films.

She followed her passion for creation and technology and studied electromechanics at a vocational school, and then military engineering at the University of Zagreb where she excelled at robotics engineering. She found herself isolated due to her unorthodox approach and others’ attitudes towards her transition, so she focused on her work. Her unique perspective and raw creative ability set her apart from her peers and got her the attention of Kali, who was in the country looking for recruits. An offer followed, and Janković joined Nighthaven.

The company’s success can be largely credited to Osa’s inventions and her field work. Her efficiency and the versatility of her arsenal have given them an edge in every recorded operation, and by proving herself to be a dedicated and reliable asset she earned the choice position of Nighthaven’s head of R&D.

Psychological report

Specialist Anja “Osa” Janković didn’t shy away from letting me know that speaking to me about personal matters was a professional courtesy; she always has work to get back to, and time with me is more of a distraction than anything else. […]

In all matters, she is grounded by the meticulous precision that her aunt taught her yet driven by a sense of wonder. She attributes this to her favorite childhood movie, Empress of the Plutomatons (1967). As I understand, it was filled with futuristic technology and colorful imagery, and was ahead of its time in the presentation of a strong female protagonist. It’s easy to see the trajectory between that little girl, wonderstruck by robots and spaceships, and the genius that she is today.

Her creations are more than their function, to her at least. She walked me through the process of developing Wamai’s Mag-NET Systems, from idea to working prototype. Before she even thinks about materials and calculates the physics of a device, she draws it out with a specific aesthetic and color palette in mind. Aruni’s prosthetics, Kali’s Masterframe outfit, Ace’s Breachers… they’re more than just equipment, they’re art pieces. […]

She credits her success in equal parts to her natural talent and the affection of her loved ones. In both her career and her transition, she could always count on the support of her older brother, her aunt, and Kali. She writes to her family from every corner of the world where her work sends her and she describes her bond with Kali, her “boss”, as an unbreakable sisterhood built on mutual respect.

With Nighthaven, she found agency and merit, as well as a circle of friends with whom she could be herself. Despite her disregard for my work, I expressed hope that she would eventually come to trust me as she does them. I also asked if I could borrow a copy of Empress of the Plutomatons; it sounds like a lot of fun. And who knows? I might learn a thing or two.

-- Dr. Harishva "Harry" Pandey, Director of Rainbow

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