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Many roles are available at Ubisoft that allow team members to express their talent and put their expertise to work. Learn more about our jobs and discover the team that best fits your talent or skills.

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Art & Animation

In Art & Animation at Ubisoft, we breathe life into our worlds by combining movement and aesthetics. We create engaging environments, objects, characters, and craft even ...

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Audio & Video

The Audio & Video teams at Ubisoft connect with our audiences to invite them into our worlds and enrich their experiences. Our work conveys Ubisoft’s creativity, helping ...

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In communication, we are always innovating to deliver key information to our diverse audiences in new and engaging ways. We aim to bring Ubisoft’s unique DNA and identity...

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Design & Creative Direction

In Design & Creative Direction, we define the core of Ubisoft’s experiences. Our job is about setting the stage to deliver immersion – inspiring and informing every eleme...

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As Finance professionals, we are business partners of Ubisoft management and teams, as well as trusted counterparts for our external financial stakeholders. We provide ac...

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Innovation Lab

At Ubisoft’s Innovation Lab, our mission is to help Ubisoft anticipate and prepare for the future. Through explorations of technological, business and social trends obser...

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The Ubisoft’s legal teams are business executives whose area of expertise are a diverse range of legal frameworks. We focus our energy and talent on being proactive contr...

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Marketing & Player interactions

At Ubisoft, our large portfolio of unique brands drives passion across communities of millions of players. As Marketing & Player Interaction professionals, we are dedicat...

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Procurement & Supply Chain

In Procurement & Supply Chain, we deliver the best possible value for Ubisoft as well as for our players. In Procurement, we drive sustainable cost savings and value crea...

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Our job in Producing is all about organizing and guiding the creation of our games. With a thorough grasp of the experiences we intend to deliver, we draw the roadmap tha...

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Programming, IT & Technology

At Ubisoft, we’re pushing the boundaries of technology every day. In Programming and Technology, we strive to achieve this by making technical decisions that best fit the...

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Quality Management & Localization

As Quality Management & Localization, we ensure that our users have the most positive experiences playing Ubisoft games. In Quality Control, we investigate and analyze ou...

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Sales & Monetization

In Sales & Monetization, we support sustainable growth across Ubisoft’s portfolio with high-performing sales plans developed thanks to our expertise in a constantly evolv...

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Talent & Culture

In Talent & Culture, we support Ubisoft’s growth by making our culture and values shine and by attracting, retaining and supporting the development of talented teams arou...

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Environmental Acoustics by Simon Koudriavtsev & Robert Bantin

Meet Moustapha : Internal Communication Manager

Meet Michael How : Lead Level Designer

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