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Positive impacts of gaming

8 Benefits beyond video games

Video gaming is a recreational and entertaining activity that provides many benefits to players that go beyond entertainment


Playing allows people to explore new and diverse settings. where they can grow in a variety of different environments, all while discovering incredible worlds.


Playing video games helps develop interpersonal skills, boosts a sense of accomplishment and develops the ability to perform under pressure.


Video games can deliver immersive experiences that inspire a wide range of emotions, from joy to fear, surprise and pride.

Brain Stimulation

Playing stimulates the brain and can help to develop memory, concentration skills, and attention to detail.


Video games can help to expand players knowledge across a variety of subjects, from history, geography and science to foreign languages.

Social Interaction

Playing Games allows players to strengthen bonds with other people by encouraging cooperation and competition together.

Physical Activity

Some games can have a positive impact on a players health by helping them get active or exercise a specific part of their body or mind.

Self Expression

Games give players the opportunity to create, experiment, and let their imagination run wild, from track building and avatar customisation to fanart, cosplay and streaming.

Some of our initiatives

Fair Play Program

Understand the roots of toxicity and learn how to contribute to a healthier gaming space.

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Fair Play Program

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Assassin’s Creed Unity Architecture Project: explaining the unique relationship between videogames and architecture.

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Player and data protection

Ubisoft takes the well-being of all players very seriously and works to provide everyone with the safest gaming experience possible.

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Player and data protection

Accessible Gaming

Our vision

Ubisoft’s priority is to make games everyone can enjoy. Accessibility is about removing unintentional barriers or friction and has become increasingly part of the day-to-day fabric of game development at Ubisoft. Accessibility at Ubisoft spans our games, to our customer support, websites, marketing and social media – it’s our goal to create accessible experiences from the moment someone hears about our games to the moment they are done playing them. While we still have progress to make in order to eliminate barriers for all our players, we’re committed to listening to the feedback from our communities of players with disabilities and working to push the needle further to welcome ever more players into our worlds.

Our story

We’ve made a lot of big strides in making our games and customer experiences more accessible over the last few years. We grew from an accessibility task force to a full (and growing) team, which works with hundreds of people across Ubisoft to ensure accessibility is built into the DNA of our teams around the world. The Accessibility team joined the Diversity & Inclusion team in 2022 to become the Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility (DIA) team. This enables the teams to work closely together on improving accessibility and disability representation in our games, knowledge-sharing, and driving more accessibility for Ubisoft employees.


First and foremost, we listen to the disabled players via accessible design workshops, user testing, early access events and social media. It’s our collaboration with the community that fuels everything we do to improve accessibility at Ubisoft. We also collaborate with other leaders in the industry to create industry-wide best practices. We believe that by sharing various challenges developers face, as well as the progress that's been made, we can inspire others to think more about accessibility as part of their game development and to consider sharing their own experiences and ideas. Additionally, we have accessibility-focused support tickets that players can open to give feedback they may have.

Accessibility Spotlights

We believe it is important to share information as early on as possible so that our players can know whether they’ll be able to play our games prior to purchasing, which is why we created a series of posts that detail the lists of accessibility features included in our games. These blog posts, called Accessibility Spotlights, are now standard and can be found on Ubisoft News here. You can also find additional information within our FAQs in our Help section.

For additional information on our accessibility initiatives, please visit this link: The Future of Accessibility at Ubisoft