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Play Green: Ubisoft’s Commitment to Global Carbon Neutrality

Our environmental approach

Ubisoft is committed to reducing and optimizing its environmental impact and carbon footprint. We have been measuring this since 2015 and have a dedicated section within our annual report. We are constantly working to improve our sustainability practices and are proud of the numerous employee groups that have emerged to support initiatives for more sustainable workplaces in Ubisoft studios and offices around the world. Ubisoft’s direction is clear: to contribute to global carbon neutrality and continue to develop our sustainability practices both internally and with our partners.

2020 Carbon Footprint : 141.7 KTCO2E

Ubisoft carbon footprint 2020 for direct operations (scopes 1, 2 and 3 upstream)

Our Priorities


We are working to optimise the impact of travel and daily commute by rolling out state-of-the-art remote collaboration tools (video conferencing equipment, work-from-home setups and digitizing events) and encouraging policies that help reduce air travel.

Renewable Energy

We are working to increase the proportion of renewable energy that we use across all Ubisoft sites. In 2020, 73% of the electricity consumed by the Group (in offices and data centers) came from renewable energy sources.

IT Equipment

We are working to extend the lifespan of IT equipment, from procurement to end-of-life (including refurbishing and donating equipment where possible), as well as optimizing power consumption.

Increasing Awareness


Our teams are our greatest strength, and green committees across all our regions have been formed for local actions and impacts. Awareness-raising campaigns are held throughout the year in our locations.


Our subsidiaries are encouraged to adopt good practices such as implementing energy efficiency measures for our buildings and IT assets, encouraging green transport modes, and reducing waste.


Ubisoft is proud to collaborate with its industry and other associations, including being a founding partner of UN Environment Programme’s Playing for the Planet initiative.


Green Days – A Force for the Environment at Ubisoft

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Some of our initiatives

Green in games

As a member of the “Playing For The Planet Alliance”, Ubisoft is committed to create games that will inspire players to take action on environmental issues.

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Sustainability in our Workplaces

With a rooftop garden in Malmo, and even a rooftop vineyard in Montreal, Ubisoft buildings are bringing nature into our workspaces.

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Singapore studio eco-certification

Our Singapore studio worked with the Singapore Environmental Council to obtain an eco-office certification.

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