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Sustainability in our Workplaces


All Ubisoft workplaces are aiming to be more environmentally friendly. From optimizing energy usage, to developing green spaces and encouraging more eco-friendly commuter options, local teams around the world are working to support sustainability in our offices and studios.

When designing their new studio in Malmo, Sweden, the Ubisoft Massive team wanted to encourage everyone to take greener modes of transport to the studio. This meant saying goodbye to the existing parking lot and turning this into a rooftop garden. The team also created a bicycle garage to house more than 300 bikes.

In Montreal, the team embraced the idea of green spaces, installing a vineyard on their rooftop terrace. The urban vineyard helps absorb rainwater, reduce the temperature of the rooftop and create spaces for biodiversity to thrive. While at Ivory Tower in Lyon the building itself produces energy, around 105 000 KWh per year via its PV panels.

At the new 24,000m2 Ubisoft HQ in Paris ‘Floresco’, around 1,700 team members moved into a new greener building. Some of the key features of the building include a revamped lighting system with automated blinds based on sunlight and a state of the art air conditioning & heating system. The building has received several environmental certifications including HQE, BREEAM and WELL.