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How Ubisoft’s New Generative AI Prototype Changes the Narrative for NPCs

Lately, a small R&D team at Ubisoft’s Paris studio, in collaboration with Nvidia’s Audio2Face application and Inworld’s Large Language Model (LLM), have been experimenting with generative AI in an attempt to turn this dream into a reality.

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How Ubisoft’s New Generative AI Prototype Changes the Narrative for NPCs

The Convergence of AI and Creativity: Introducing Ghostwriter

Ben Swanson, R&D Scientist at Ubisoft La Forge, introduces Ghostwriter, an in-house AI tool that generates first draft versions of barks. Created to solve a need from scriptwriters, it gives them more time to polish and focus on the narrative elsewhere.

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The Convergence of AI and Creativity: Introducing Ghostwriter

How Rainbow Six Siege Developed AI That Acts Like Real Players

The team behind Rainbow Six Siege just unveiled the Year 8 Roadmap, and in addition to teasing new Operators, Battle Passes, and improved anti-cheat measures, the roadmap hinted at a new feature coming down the pipeline: the Defender AI playlist. Designed to help players practice playing against Operators, test different strategies, and learn the intricacies of Rainbow Six Siege maps, the Defender AI playlist will consist of AI-generated bots that behave as real players do.

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How Rainbow Six Siege Developed AI That Acts Like Real Players


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Production Technologies

Ubisoft Anvil

Anvil, was crafted for the first Assassin’s Creed game and helped define the open-world genre. Designed to be modular to fit any project, it has since been used for dozens of other AAA titles, from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege to Immortals Fenyx Rising, and supports a huge variety of game genres and platforms. The Anvil team continuously focuses on evolving the toolset to remain the industry’s best for creating large-scale open-world games in ultra-collaborative production environments.

Ubisoft Snowdrop

The powerful Snowdrop engine is built with the philosophy to empower creators to do things better, not bigger. Its tools suite focuses on iteration speed and short compile times, giving developers the freedom to experiment and prototype faster. Its unique node graph system makes it easy to adapt to new ideas and is a perfect canvas for anyone to add new facilities to it. A game-agnostic technology with a powerful render engine, Snowdrop has proven its versatility in powering many genres.

Ubisoft Scalar

Ubisoft Scalar unlocks the full power and flexibility of cloud computing to enable unprecedented freedom and scale for the games of tomorrow. Its unique architecture turns game engine systems into cloud-based microservices to free game developers from single-machine hardware limitations. Thanks to this cloud-native approach, creators can build previously impossible game worlds and simulations, opening the door for a new world of possibilities in gaming.

Our Areas of Expertise


To create believable worlds, Ubisoft leverages AI across the board. Over 35 years of technological excellence, we have developed innovative gameplay AI that breathes life into our non-playable characters, their behaviors, their awareness of players’ actions or their interactions in our systemic environments. Bridging the gap between video games innovations and academic research, our expertise extends to fundamental AI with Ubisoft’s R&D teams, forging ahead with using the latest Machine Learning techniques to build the best tools to assist our creators, generate evermore believable worlds and improve player experience ingame or by reducing online toxicity for safer gaming experiences just to name a few.