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Supporting Social Causes

Ubisoft is committed to contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive society.

At Ubisoft, our greatest strength is our people and the creativity they bring. Our teams’ commitments, innovative technological expertise, and our original content are the driving forces behind our social impact pillars aimed at broadening horizons, inclusive education and supporting sustainable growth.


Our aim is to not only make entertainment available to everyone, so it can benefit those who need it most, but also to make culture more widely available. Combining technology with cultural encounters allows for more immersive, educational, and engaging experiences.


We are helping our industry and local communities flourish through innovation, job creation and value generation, and helping our players grow. We aim to design video games that share the experiences of under-represented communities worldwide and inspire our players to take action for the planet for a more sustainable future.


We want to create more opportunities for everyone, with a focus on populations who are under-represented in the video game & tech industry, especially women and young people from marginalized communities, to empower them further in exploring their journeys and careers in tech. In addition to designing games that can be used as teaching tools, we offer unique mentoring programs, support, and training paths for developing digital skills.

Key Figures


hours of local involvement

Our employees volunteered a total 4656 hours to help benefit local communities. *declared hours



Across the group, our teams were involved in 359 different actions around social causes.



41 entities across Ubisoft launched economic, academic or cultural initiatives to benefit local communities in 2022.

Some of our social initiatives

Ubisoft’s social initiatives focus on broadening horizons, sustainable growth and inclusive education.

  • Playrooms

    Ubisoft partners with Association Petits Princes to provide “playrooms” at pediatric hospitals.

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  • Valiant Hearts: Coming Home X 369th Experience

    Valiant Hearts : Coming Home was released in January 2023. This is the first Ubisoft Mobile game to be published on Netflix.

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  • Ubisoft Philippines x Passerelles numériques

    Together with Passerelles Numériques (PN), Ubisoft Philippines has been funding the 3-year schooling and on-the-job training of student scholars in Cebu.

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  • Ubisoft’s Educational Initiative with the Micro-Folie Network

    In addition to creating memorable experiences through its games, Ubisoft also creates educational content and contributes content to cultural institutions.

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  • Achimostawinan Games and Autoexec Games win 2022 Ubisoft Indie Series

    Unreliable Narrators and System Panic named National Bank’s Special Prize winners.

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  • The Pearl program

    A training program to promote equal opportunities and women in digital professions.

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