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Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility

Celebrating diversity and putting belonging at the heart of what we do

Our Vision

To create a video game, Ubisoft's teams around the world work together to push the boundaries of what’s been done before and build an unforgettable experience for players. The journey from concept to launch requires collaboration, passion and commitment. We learn as we go, trying and failing and trying again before we get it right.

That same creativity, growth mindset and dedication form the foundation of our approach to diversity and inclusion. To truly have an impact, we must leverage innovative ideas and diverse perspectives to continue building a company – and an industry – that is welcoming to all.

Our vision of diversity and inclusion is multidimensional. That’s why we’ve designed a strategy centered around four pillars: colleagues, culture, content, and community.

For Ubisoft, putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything we do means providing an environment where employees can thrive, building open-minded communities where players can connect, and creating games that reflect the diversity of the world we live in. We will not accomplish all these goals overnight. Just as it takes years of iteration to develop a AAA title, we will only become a more diverse and inclusive company by continuously improving, trying new ideas and learning from the results. It’s a long-term commitment, one that we will tackle with the same passion and dedication that we bring to our games.

-Raashi Sikka, VP Global Diversity and Inclusion

Our Strategy


We want to build the most creative, inclusive, and diverse teams across all fields. We will continue to increase representation in our company by building more inclusion across our systems and ensuring equal access to opportunities for everyone.


We will keep fostering a culture of inclusion where our teams feel seen, heard, and valued. To support this, we will empower global and local Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to support global teams as they develop their understanding of inclusion and strengthen belonging for all.


We will create gaming experiences that push representation forward by embedding diversity and inclusion across our processes, increasing representation in our teams, and offering access to resources that help teams to build more authentic inclusive, and accessible gaming experiences.


We will set the standard for inclusion for our teams, players, and partners, and will collaborate with leading organizations to expand our knowledge, grow our reach, give back to the community and champion inclusion in our industry.

Getting To Know Raashi Sikka, Ubisoft’s VP Global Diversity & Inclusion

Raashi Sikka joined Ubisoft as Ubisoft’s VP of Global Diversity and Inclusion.

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Our Key Figures


Women in the Workforce

Increasing the number of women in our workforce is a key priority for Ubisoft. In March 2020, we set an objective to ensure women represent 24% of our workforce by March 2023. We are currently ahead of this target and will continue to aim higher moving forward.



Ubisoft is present in 31 countries, and the diversity of nationalities represented among our teams allows us to better understand our players and successfully adapt our games to a variety of cultural contexts.


Percentage of new hires who were women

The percentage hire rate rose consistently over the last two years thanks to our teams’ efforts to attract and recruit more diverse talent.

Our Employee Resource Groups

A.P.I (Asian & Pacific Islanders)

The Asian & Pacific Islander (API) ERG advocates for the diverse needs of API within Ubisoft, including but not limited to: Inclusion and awareness, career advancement, professional development, and community outreach and volunteer efforts.

B.E.A.U. (Black Employees at Ubisoft)

Black Employees at Ubisoft (B.E.A.U.) is to foster community, to improve representation, cultural awareness and competency and to champion the advancement of Black employees at Ubisoft to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

GENTE (Latine/Hispanic)

Gente recognizes the diversity of the Latine community, as well as its rich cultural history rooted in community and family. As an ERG, its mission is to unite gente at Ubisoft and champion the community culturally, professionally, and creatively as a collective voice.

Salaam (Middle East & North Africa)

Salaam’s mission is to empower the Middle East and North African identity within the video-game industry through the career development of Ubisoft employees and subsequent support of the greater M.E.N.A community to improve cultural competency in the industry.


The Neurodiversity ERG is working to serve as a reference group on Neurodiversity for all Ubisoft employees, providing safe spaces for team members to exchange experiences. Its focus is on raising awareness, supporting inclusion initiatives at work and ensuring video games foster belonging for all.

UbiProud (LGBTQIA2S+)

UbiProud is a community of queer people across Ubisoft worldwide. Its members want to create a safe space for all and help each other excel at the workplace and provide the opportunities to do so. UbiProud advocates for equality, inclusion, and representation within our games, offices and studios.

W.E. (Women for Equity)

The Women for Equity (W.E.) ERG is a collective of women and gender minorities who work at Ubisoft across the globe. They work to provide a place of exchange and support, where members can network and build tools for growth and self-empowerment.