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We are a company of enthusiasts who are eager to share, collaborate and innovate in order to make a positive impact on the future of gaming. Our team members come from all over the world, have different backgrounds and are passionate about solving exciting challenges every day.


Employee Resource Group Spotlight: Gente

Erica Urquiza and Jorge Albor, two of the co-leaders of Ubisoft’s global Gente ERG for those of Latin American descent, talk about the group’s formation, programs, and goals.

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Employee Resource Group Spotlight: Gente

Employee Resource Group Spotlight: UbiProud

Gav Safarian and Antoine Gay, two of the global co-leads of UbiProud, Ubisoft’s Employee Resource Group dedicated to supporting LGBTQIA+ employees and allies, talk about how the global ERG got started, the importance of setting a good example in the industry, and why they listen to the needs of their members before planning initiatives.

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Employee Resource Group Spotlight: UbiProud

Jessica from The Women’s Advisory Board of Ubisoft Winnipeg

With a passion for programming and a strong drive to support women in tech, Jessica is quickly establishing herself as a leader within the Winnipeg studio and in the industry.


Assassin’s Creed, Community, and Commitment: Pierre’s Story

As an Assassin’s Creed fan, Pierre unlocked the ultimate achievement: joining Ubisoft’s Player Advocacy team. Today, he shares his passion by facilitating community engagement and gathering people around his other passion: laser sabers!

Bringing Emotion into Action: 25 Years of Animation at Ubisoft With Gilles

In 1997, Gilles thought he was applying to Ubisoft to be a motion capture actor, but instead he became an animator. Over 25 years, he helped build an animation powerhouse at Ubisoft by focusing on what he knows best: deconstructing human body movements.

Amandine Lauer: An Unexpected Career Path

Meet Amandine, who started at Ubisoft as a Communications intern and now works as a Line Designer. Her path has been anything but ordinary, and yours could be too! See how to Create the Unknown at Ubisoft. Learn more at:


How Internal Peer Communities Help Developers Share Best Practices and Expertise

Learn more about Ubisoft’s communities of practice, including the Producers Community and Tech Ambassador Board, that facilitate internal collaboration among peers.

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Kim has found harmony at Ubisoft Massive

For Kim, the work-life balance at Ubisoft Massive means that she can spend time on her own personal projects – including wood burning a Hyrule map from Legend of Zelda onto a kitchen table.

Linda is committed to supporting her Ubisoft family

Linda Malmgren, tells all us about her role of Communications Director at Ubisoft Massive, and how horseback riding in her youth gave her the drive and courage to pursue her dreams!

Jeff is really good at filling his life with exciting moments

Discover Jeff’s life, as he juggles between producing video games at Ubisoft Québec, snowboarding in his backyard and making delicious pizza for his family!

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