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Positive Impacts of Gaming

Keys to Learn


Keys to Learn took place in London and New York City in 2019. These Ubisoft events advocate for the educational value of video games by showing journalists, educators, and students the positive impacts of games.

Ubisoft believes that games can be a powerful tool in education and can affect society and the environment for the better. We showcased the positive impact games can have on the world at large through our Keys to Learn events in New York and London in fall 2019.

Keys to Learn aims to promote gaming as a positive force for learning and personal growth, and we invited inviting journalists, educators, and students alike to understand, discuss, and experience the latest in digital didactics from Ubisoft.

In these two events, we showcased some of our educational initiatives, such as Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece, which allows visitors to walk the streets and temples of ancient Greece, learning about the culture and practices of its people. Other key projects include Project OIKOS, which helps teach about the interconnectedness of nature, and Rabbids Coding, a free program that teaches young people the basics of coding. Check out to see the games!

Keys to Learn in a nutshell

  • 60 press and education advocates in attendance
  • A middle school class of 30 8th graders from The Computer School visited the event
  • We held several Keynotes, a panel and a networking event

Focus on Rabbids Coding

Rabbids Coding is an accessibility first, educational game that teaches the basics of programming for beginners.

To complete each mission, the player needs to arrange the command blocks correctly creating a simple program. The game is easy to use and introduces the basics of coding syntax with a fun and gradual approach.

In order to introduce both young and older people to this digital know-how, Ubisoft has shared it with associations, media libraries and schools. We hope it will continue to be an important especially for those who have fewer opportunities to learn digital skills like programming. As a result, Rabbids Coding will remain completely free.

Rabbids Coding is currently available on PC and mobile in French, English, German and Chinese.

2020 Key Results

  • Via Ubisoft Connect: 236,316 downloads on PC (since October 8, 2019) and 53,113 downloads on mobile (since October 8, 2020)
  • Number of media libraries/groups of media libraries that have benefited from the game: 40 G4C (1)