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Talent & Culture

In Talent & Culture, we support Ubisoft’s growth by making our culture and values shine and by attracting, retaining and supporting the development of talented teams around the world. We ensure that they have everything they need to flourish and sustain Ubisoft’s ambitions in a safe and inclusive workplace environment. Our objective on both a local and global level is to enrich our employees and our players while maintaining strong relationships with our clients. We are proud to be a transversal team across each of our job families: Workplace, Human Resources, Knowledge Management and Corporate Social Responsibility.


Human Resources

In Human Resources, our mission is to guide, develop and care for all our highly skilled and passionate talents. We align with Ubisoft’s mission and strategy to ensure a ...

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Knowledge Management

As Knowledge Management experts, we help teams at Ubisoft organize documentation, share their knowledge and improve efficiency. Acting as a bridge between people, process...

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As the Ubisoft Corporate Social Responsibility team, we work to make a long-lasting positive impact on our players, teams, communities and planet. We work with and for ou...

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Our Workplace job family is committed to excellence when it comes to the facilities and services that we provide. We ensure that Ubisoft’s work environments and workplace...

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