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Art & Animation

In Art & Animation at Ubisoft, we breathe life into our worlds by combining movement and aesthetics. We create engaging environments, objects, characters, and craft even the tiniest elements with a care and attention to detail that's come to define our games. Our work allows us to weave personality into the fabric of our game worlds. While technical performance, memory and rendering may be limitations, they don’t limit our creativity, and even within technical constraints, we see possibilities and constantly push boundaries.


  • Art

    The Art teams at Ubisoft are the visual storytellers shaping the ambience and identity of our games. We dream up and deliver rich and captivating worlds for our players t...

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  • Animation

    Animation at Ubisoft is about breathing energy and movement into our games. We bring emotions and behaviors to life, propel players into universes bursting with activity,...

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3D Printing and Neo-Retro: Futuristic Fashion in Just Dance and Roller Champions

Two of Ubisoft's most recent games, Just Dance 2023 Edition and Roller Champions, have leaned heavily into a futuristic aesthetic in their characters' costumes, and each has a very specific vision of what that "future" looks like.

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Meet Kennetha Story: Animation Project Manager

25 Years of Animation at Ubisoft With Gilles

In 1997, Gilles Monteil thought he was applying to Ubisoft to be a motion capture actor, but instead he became an animator. Over 25 years, he helped build an animation powerhouse at Ubisoft and create some of our most emblematic characters.