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Our job in Producing is all about organizing and guiding the creation of our games. With a thorough grasp of the experiences we intend to deliver, we draw the roadmap that makes it happen. We chart the course ahead, breaking down bold goals into small steps, managing budgets, and tracking time and progress. It is our role to empower the talented teams behind our ambitions. This means fostering supportive environments that unite the strengths of every team and enable their months of effort, focus, and dedication to reach their audience in the best way possible.


How Internal Peer Communities Help Developers Share Best Practices and Expertise

With internal, livestreamed events and active communities of practice, Ubisoft’s production teams are sharing expertise and best practices to take collaboration and innovation to the next level.

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Project management in game development

In this article, adapted from a speech at PMI Sweden Chapter Congress in March 2020, Art Producer Johan Oldbring digs deeper into project management in the games industry and at Ubisoft and Massive.

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Meet Anne-Laure Condamine : Production Director

My favorite part is making sure everything is ready so the teams can perform at their best; all the background work behind the curtain that no one can see.

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Meet Kim Seefried : Project Coordinator