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Ubisoft startup programs

Ubisoft supports creative and innovative startups in the gaming and entertainment ecosystem.

Ubisoft Entrepreneurs programs are a series of initiatives driven by Ubisoft to collaborate with startups from the gaming and entertainment ecosystem. These programs are based in 4 locations and aim at fostering the growth of promising startups. Whatever your startup profile, Ubisoft has a program for you. Check out our programs to know where you fit, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Our Programs

Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Quebec

Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Quebec is a unique gateway to Ubisoft’s expertise and local and international networks, as well as to venture capital via the White Star Capital investment fund for starts-ups from the Quebec region. Our goal is to accelerate the success of entrepreneurs in Quebec’s techno-creative industry by assisting them in their growth. The program is offered by Ubisoft Saguenay, Ubisoft Montréal and Ubisoft Quebec.

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Ubisoft Entrepreneurs GSA

Ubisoft Entrepreneurs GSA is dedicated to video game startups from Germany, Switzerland and Austria to help develop our local ecosystem, powered by the strong network of the three German Ubisoft studios in Düsseldorf, Mainz and Berlin. Our initiatives offer a unique gateway to connect and learn with experts from Ubisoft and partners through mentorship. We also assist participants on gaining visibility at local trade shows and events such as gamescom in collaboration with the Indie Arena Booth as well as increased awareness and reach in media and more.

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Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Ontario

Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Ontario actively supports the video game ecosystem in Ontario, Canada, where companies of all sizes collaborate to make the industry shine on an international level. The Ubisoft Indie Series presented by National Bank supports the province's games industry through funding, mentorship, and creative, marketing and financial tools to help independent studios and their games reach new heights. In Ontario, the Indie Series program is offered by Ubisoft Toronto.

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