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Codes of conduct

Let's work together towards the same goal

At Ubisoft we are committed to high ethical standards and to providing a safe, respectful and inclusive work or gaming environment for everyone in our global community. These Codes of Conduct are binding documents that set out Ubisoft’s commitments as a company and as a game publisher. They outline what is expected from each member of the Ubisoft community, may they be an employee, a player, or a business partner – we all play by the same rules.

Ubisoft Code Of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is a binding document that sets out Ubisoft’s commitments as a company and the role of each individual team member.

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Player Code of Conduct

We are committed to providing an inclusive gaming environment where everyone, anywhere in our global community can have fun while feeling safe and respected.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

Through this Supplier Code of Conduct, Ubisoft aims to ensure that its commitments are respected throughout its value chain.

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