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Design & Creative Direction

Game & UX Design

In Game Design and UX Design at Ubisoft, we shape and smooth out the connected systems at the heart of our games. We are creators of innovative features that fuel our worlds with a variety of intricately connected and layered elements. We take a critical eye to design, focusing on the feel of controls, the play of mechanics or the flow of progression… Driven by an empathy and respect for player autonomy, we eliminate (unwanted) friction every step of the way and constantly iterate to elevate quality and refine our games.


Meet Miriam Popescu : Game Designer

Design & Creative Direction Teams

Creative Direction

In Creative Direction at Ubisoft, we set and boldly pursue the visions that will guide our games to a common purpose. From how they will look, to the stories they will te...

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Level Design

In Level Design at Ubisoft, we are the architects of worlds packed with things to see and do. Infusing our games with a sense of purpose and variety, we are user-centric ...

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Narration & Realization

In Narration and Realization at Ubisoft, we give greater depth and meaning to our gaming experiences, drawing players into compelling stories that make them care and feel...

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User Research

In User Research at Ubisoft, we’re all about investigating different aspects of player experience to drive impactful improvements in our games. We combine our qualitative...

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