Season 3 closing event

On July 9th we hosted the event marking the end of our Season 3. We welcomed entrepreneurs and Ubisoft stakeholders on stage to explain what they had been doing during the past 6 months.

Everyone got to share what they had learned during the course of the season:

On the AI & Creativity roundtable we welcomed:
- Nathalie Paccard, Projects Director at the Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab
- Pierre Armand Nicq, Technical Artist at the Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab
- Jules Baculard, Lab Assistant at the Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab
- Gordon Midwood, Co-founder and CEO at Anything World

Nathalie is leading the Makers team, a prototyping team within Ubisoft which Pierre Armand is part of. Pierre Armand showcased some prototypes they built around AI and Creativity. They showed awesome prototypes linking Markov Chains and music, or even genetic algorithms and dance moves!

Jules presented the collaboration between the Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab and Hugging Face, an NYC-based startup developping advanced conversational AI algorithms. 

Gordon presented the prototype Anything World built with the Rabbids brand, using they technology mixing voice recognition, 3D models and animations.

On the blockchain side, we welcomed:

- Nicolas Pouard, Blockchain Initiative Director at the Strategic Innovation Lab
- Alexander Casassovici, CEO of Azarus
- Benjamin Athuil, CEO of Care Game
- Dean Anderson co-founder and CEO of Playerstate
- Visar Statovci, co-founder of Playerstate
- Shaban Shaame, founder and CEO of EverDream Soft

The roundtable was centered around blockchain and engagement, and they discussed the collaboration with Ubisoft and the progress they have made. Dean, Visar and Benjamin shared some insight around what blockchain can bring to empower communities of creators and players. Alex detailed how their blockchain product helps engaging esport audiences and gamers in brands. Shaban also shared his feedback from operating a blockchain game editor, as to what the blockchain bring to community building.