Marion Bossée

6-month internship in Game Design at Paris Mobile Studio


What is your background?

My background is quite unconventional. At first, I was aiming for a career in the movie industry, with a Master’s degree in movie scenario. After a few experiences in production companies (TV & Movie), I chose to switch to a field I felt passionately about - video games. I worked to save money while taking the exams to enter in the ENJMIN School where I was accepted!For two years, I studied Game Design, which enabled me to be hired by Ubisoft for my end-of-degree internship!


What is the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

During my internship, I worked on City of Love: Paris, an episodic narrative game of the Paris mobile studio, which was really exciting! I had the opportunity to work on a wide range of tasks that enabled me to gain a good overview of the project: design of narrative features, creation of narrative design tools, design of monetization features, balancing and so many other things! All these tasks while maintaining the sustained pace of production required by our economic model. We had the daily support from narrative designers to deliver the best content possible.


What did you learn during your internship?

My job, without doubt.This internship was the essential step to complete my training in Game Design: I developed a more sophisticated approach to my design, I acquired more automatic reflexes in my way of working and more autonomy.The team gave me the opportunity to put my strengths forward and work on my weaknesses.For example, I was able to develop my affinity for narration while being introduced to the monetization challenges, which I knew very little of. And all this on a live game and therefore with many stakes!


Why would you recommend this internship at Ubisoft to other students?

Working in a small team (about ten people) is incredibly formative. That is what pushed me to accept an internship within this Ubisoft mobile studio and I was not disappointed.If you want to confront yourself to a human-size project with a great variety of challenges, to communicate daily with other fields of expertise, to work on a great diversity of tasks, then this internship is for you!You will learn even more than you hope, and in a work environment that everyone dreams about. Personally, I have been surrounded by great people, passionate about their work, caring and nurturing, and all this together pushes you to thrive for excellence with the fierce determination not to disappoint (yourself, your team, the players).


In your opinion, which qualities are required to succeed during an internship at Ubisoft?

I do not think that there are "compulsory" qualities outside the soft skills that are required in any work environment: being eager to learn, being fully engaged, listening and being able to challenge yourself.The people I worked with quickly identified my strengths and my areas for improvement in order to shape the missions where I would be comfortable to learn, grow and contribute the most to the project. Be self-aware and honest about your skills, your strengths and your areas for improvement, and then you will be supported to reach your full potential!