Clovis Bonnat

6-month internship in Financial Planning at Ubisoft International IT


What is your background?

After graduating from high school, I went to Sciences Po Paris while also attending classes at Paris-Sorbonne University to obtain a BA in History.

During my third year at Sciences Po Paris, I applied for their student exchange program with the Waseda University in Tokyo, where I mainly took courses in History, Business and Japanese.

Then I attended a Master’s degree course in Economics and Business at Sciences Po, before taking a gap year to complete two six-month internships, both in Japan: the first one was in Process Improvement in a logistics company (Schenker) while the second one was in Financial Planning at Bosch Packaging.

I finished my studies with a six-month internship at Ubisoft within the Financial Planning team for the IT department. I initially thought of going back to Japan but by that time, I had fell in love with the company’s culture. So when I was given the opportunity to join the Enterprise Business Solutions team at Ubisoft, I decided to stay in France.


What is the most exciting project you’ve worked on?

Our database migration to a brand new tool. It involved communicating these changes with the current database users, identifying the key information they needed, training myself on the new tool to support its configuration and managing one month of double-run in order to ensure the data consistency from one system to another.


What did you learn during your internship?

Thanks to a strong corporate culture at Ubisoft, even in a support function such as Financial Planning, and thanks to the large amount of information channels, I was allowed to acquire a strong knowledge of the video game industry and the trends that drive it.

Regarding the skills I acquired, my experience in Financial Planning helped me to strengthen my knowledge in accounting, to become more familiar with reporting tools and to have a good overview of how IT at Ubisoft is operating.


Why would you recommend this internship at Ubisoft to other students?

The main reason why I would recommend this internship is the people at Ubisoft: you have the opportunity to work in a very international environment, with people from all backgrounds (sales, artists, engineers...), who are passionate and inspiring.

The work environment is also very good: you can enjoy the benefits of working in a big company while evolving in a flat organizational structure.

As an example, being able to shake hands and chat with the CEO during a barbecue while you are an intern, it is quite a priceless experience.


In your opinion, which qualities are required to succeed during an internship at Ubisoft?

I rarely met companies who embodied that much their motto, so I would say "be serious about fun".