Motorflix Lore

Motorflix' mission is simple: create the most entertaining TV shows.
And YOU will be their main performer.

Season 7

In Season 7, face unpredictable challenges and brave the elements in a spectacular race across the USA


Get ready to experience the biggest Motorflix show ever made! During this new episode, participate to an epic underground street race through the US, from Saint Louis to Las Vegas, in the most extreme conditions. Only one rule matters to finish first: forgetting all the rules.

Season 6

In Season 6 discover our most ambitious update ever deployed and push your sliding skills to the limit.


Time as come to go back on the track! In this new season of The Crew 2, meet Chris Forsberg, three-time world drift champion, and his Forsberg Racing team. Follow his guidance and complete his challenges to become a true Drift Master.


Put on your warmest coat and get ready for a chilling surprise!
Season 6 Episode 2: Dominion Frozen confronts players with a new challenge never seen in The Crew before: ice tracks. Rediscover the playgrounds introduced during Season 6 through a brand-new series of events and prove that you are the best precision driver on all terrain.

Season 5

In Season 5, discover new Stories in the US open world of The Crew 2: follow the clues, find the treasure and add legendary vehicles to your collection


Enter the Archive, a place of souvenirs and mysterious items leading to amazing buried treasures all over the USA. Chose the story you want to discover, travel the country in search of clues and add some of America's most iconic vehicles to your collection!


In the second episode of the latest Motorflix season, discover lost treasures from the late 60’s to the late 80’s, one of the most iconic periods of the automotive industry. Choose your favourite Story, follow the clues shared by the Archivist and explore the vast open world of The Crew 2 in search of legendary vehicles.

Season 4

In Season 4, earn rewards by completing delivery activities in the open-world. Come and explore the US in a whole new way.


For the first time in The Crew 2, new activities have been added to the open-world: Urban Services! As you roam in the major cities of the US, you will find different delivery jobs to accomplish. Come and try this new experience with the Ford Crown Victoria Marco's Cab for 1CC only (10 Bucks)!


Get ready to go back to the great outdoors! After millions of deliveries accomplished by our players during Episode 1 of The Contractor Season, new companies need your help.
This time, Intrepid Outdoors and US Wildlife Watchers are counting on your off-road skills to deliver their valuable merchandise before it's too late!

Season 3

In Season 3 compete with ultra fast vehicles, revisit the USA and explore unknown parts of the map. Get ready for an unforgettable high speed time trial across the USA.

Season 3 Episode 1 : US Speed Tour East

For this first episode of the U.S. Speed Tour Season Motorflix's crew settled on the East side of the country. From New York to Chicago through New Orleans race your way to the podium!

Season 3 - Episode 2: Us Speed Tour West

For the second episode of the season, the show relocated to the west coast of the U.S.! Say goodbye to the East and come live an incredible adventure in the West with our new heavily custom vehicles! It's the beginning of a New Frontier.

Season 2

In Season 2, get ready for your seasonal shot of adrenaline. Experience two unique approaches to the stunt game mode.

Season 2 Episode 1 : The Agency

For Season 2 Episode 1, Motorflix is filming their latest series! In this high-octane action flick, you play a member of a secretive international spy organization – The Agency. Did you think you were already at the top? Motorflix has a new mission for you: The "Shadow" wants to destroy the city. Your goal as a member of the Agency is to foil his plans, whatever it takes.

Season 2 Episode 2 : The Game

In Season 2 Episode 2, the Wildest Stunt-Show of all times is back! But now Motorflix is hosting it and they will make it bigger than ever! As a contestant score high and score hard to become the ultimate stunt master. Gravity is not a coinstraint. Score high, score hard!

Season 1

In Season 1 the setting is a fictional series where a mysterious outlaw group foolishly decides to steal from a private bank, Vault Corp.

Season 1 Episode 1 : The Chase

In Episode 1: The Chase, you play the Elite Interception Unit Driver of Vault Corp, a private bank. Your brief is clear: the outlaws must be stopped before they escape the city. Take down outlaws in frantic car chases to become Motorflix's most bankable Lead Interception Unit Driver.

Season 1 Episode 2 : The Hunt

In Episode 2: The Hunt, the outlaws are heading off the beaten path…
This time you play the lead driver of Vault Corp's specialist off-road Enforcer Unit! The Masked have ran out of the city and you need to get them, whatever it takes. Use your field experience to hunt them through the 4 corners of Motornation’s countryside!