March 15, 2022

The Crew 2 Season 5 Episode 1: American Legends

Our next free update, The Crew 2 Season 5 Episode 1: American Legends will be available to all The Crew 2 players on March 16th!

With this new Season comes a new game mode and with this Episode comes vehicles and an all-new Motorpass. Join us in writing the latest chapter in the history of The Crew 2 with this fresh update full of surprises!

In addition to the announced content, other exclusive features will be available throughout the season such as vehicle drops, vanity items, as well as some fierce competition in our weekly LIVE Summits!

[TC2] News Article - S5E1 Overview - Legends Full Recap

Full details below.


The vastness of the USA is full of secrets, life bits and treasures that are only waiting to be uncovered.

Over the years, the archivist has collected many objects, notes, and memories that he has finally decided to reveal to you. It is time to investigate the truth throughout the country.

[TC2] News Article - S5E1 Overview - Porsche Splatter

On March 16th, get behind the wheel to complete your quests: recount unfinished stories, some of which may lead you to unexpected treasures.

Throughout the season, the archivist will give you access to two new stories each week. For each of them, clues will help you trace the origin of the tales. In these adventures, your intuition and observation skills will be your best allies.
From one discovery to the next, from East Coast to West Coast, you will be sent back into the past to revive the present.

The archives open their heavy doors on the path towards well-kept secrets. Let them lead you on the road to the American Legends.


This Season 5 Episode 1 brings its share of new vehicles. Your investigative skills will be rewarded!

For most of the longer stories, wonderful treasures shall be unveiled to you, such as the Porsche 550 Spyder (Street Race):

[TC2] News Article - S5E1 Overview - REWARDS PORSCHE 550 SPYDER

In addition to the rewards available in the stories and in the Motorpass, you can always expect to see new vehicle drops throughout the Episode. As a glimpse of the line-up coming with Season 5 Episode 1, here is the Ford Crown Victoria INTERCEPTION UNIT (Street Race) that will be available in the shop from March 30th.

[TC2] News Article - S5E1 Overview - Ford Crown Victoria

You can of course expect more vehicle additions over the course of the Episode, as well as more than 40 new vanity items!


Here is a breakdown of what you can expect in the Motorpass with this new update:

[TC2] News Article - S5E1 Overview - TU12 EP01 INFO MOTORPASS


For the competitors out there, the latest batch of LIVE Summits begins on March 16th with “Porsche Addict 2”!

[TC2] News Article - S5E1 Overview -  IG-NEWS WEB PORSCHE ADDICT 2 UPLAY SMALL

Theme, rewards, bundles: if you want to know more about this LIVE Summit and what is happening this week in The Crew 2, check out our dedicated article!

Our first Premium LIVE Summit will come on March 23rd and will feature the Indian Motorcycle SCOUT® The Cruiser Edition as a Platinum reward.

[TC2] News Article - S5E1 Overview - Indian Scout

Be sure to check The Crew Hub regularly to track your progress.

What we are highlighting here for March 16th is once again only the beginning. Content drops and themed weeks will continue to offer regular, fresh new experiences as Season 5 Episode 1: American Legends unveils its stories!

Keep an eye on our weekly articles and official channels for the latest news and announcements. We will see you on the road gearheads!

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