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Ubisoft Massive x Akribian


Akribian, is a start-up that develops digital educational materials based on scientific research. The company has developed a gamified app teaching basic math to children, based on game design and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Ubisoft and Akribian tested and prototyped this app to ensure maximum playability and engagement from players.

To achieve this, Ubisoft’s Games Lab worked with a class of children to help with the prototyping phase of the game. After these tests, the Games Lab helped work with Akribian to explain game loops and the science of user engagement in games.

“This collaboration with Massive means so much to us. It gives us the opportunity to use their Games Lab to study how the children react when they use our math app. For example, we can follow their eye movements and measure their reactions, which is incredibly valuable to us in the continued development,” says Martin Hassler Hallstedt, CEO of Akribian. “The very core of the app is scientific. And with Massive’s help, we can now make sure the app is also fun – not only for the children, but also for their teachers and parents. They’ve added a little dance to the game every time they solve a problem – it’s important to celebrate successes!

Ubisoft Massive and Akribian plan to continue helping children learn maths, but in future projects will look to support teachers with digital-related class work. “I believe that through this collaboration between Ubisoft Massive and Akribian, we can help millions of children who struggle with math,” concludes Robert Jansson from Massive.

Massive x Akribian in a nutshell

  • Tested first by a class of 10-15 children for paper prototyping and card sorting
  • Tested by children who used an iPad prototype at Ubisoft Massive’s Games Lab.
  • 1 full day workshop with Ubisoft on fundamental game loops and what keeps players engaged at Akribian

Next step

Third test to help them launch their BETA version and big UK launch happening soon