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Supporting Social Causes

Payroll rounding for charity


If every employee in France gave a few cents a month, thousands of euros would be raised for charity. Based on this observation, in 2017 Ubisoft's IT, Payroll, Human Resources, Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility teams in France developed a proposal.

Every month, employees can round down their salaries to the nearest euro and donate the difference to one of four partner associations. They can also choose to add extra euros if they wish.

At launch, three partner associations benefited from the initiative: the Association Petits Princes, that makes the dreams of seriously ill children come true, the Télémaque Institute, that strives for equal opportunities in education, and Dons Solidaires, an association that is fighting against exclusion and waste.

In 2020, following a vote by employees, the association Le Refuge (“The Shelter”), that fights against the isolation of LGBTQ+ youth, joined the adventure.

23% of Ubisoft teams in France participated in 2019, donating more than 12,000 euros.