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Just Dance Memories


Ubisoft and Alzheimer's Research UK created a campaign to highlight the precious memories families make when they play together.

Ubisoft shared the story of a family dealing with the impact of Alzheimer’s and how they used the video game Just Dance to share moments of fun and play together.

Ubisoft pledged to donate £1 for every share, retweet or comment on the film. Ubisoft also gave a donation for every use of the campaign’s hashtag #JustDanceMemories.

Thanks to a groundswell of online support, Ubisoft donated more than £60,000, doubling its original commitment.

The money raised will help UK’s leading dementia research charity fund groundbreaking research to better understand, diagnose, treat and reduce the risk of dementia. Check out the Campaign film #JustDanceMemories and learn more about the campaign HERE.