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Ubisoft’s young player account


With the launch of new free-to-play games, Ubisoft has created a new type of account to allow a younger audience to play while enjoying an enhanced level of protection and including parents/legal guardians in their experience. Here, you will find a description of the young player account and its settings, as well as information about the activity reports parents/legal guardians receive to better oversee their child’s gaming activity.

Our objective is to create a safe, fulfilling and positive gaming environment for all.

What is the young player account, and who is it for?

We take the protection of our young audiences very seriously and want to ensure that everyone playing our games can enjoy a positive experience. The goal of the young player account is to provide these players with an added layer of security and enable their parent/legal guardian to accompany them. This type of account is only available to younger users who want to create an account in order to play to one of Ubisoft's free-to-play PC games with an age rating below PEGI 16 or ESRB M.

To create a Ubisoft account, players need to be at least 13 years old. The young players are those considered too young to legally consent to the creation of an account by themselves and who need their parent/legal guardian’s consent, as determined by applicable privacy laws in their country of residence.

Users who want to create an account to play one of our free-to-play games and who are between age 13 and this privacy threshold (which can vary between 13 and 18 depending on their country of residence) are asked for their parent/legal guardian’s email address.

The parent/legal guardian then either logs into their own Ubisoft account or creates one and completes the creation of their child’s account. The two accounts are associated, which enables specific settings designed for younger users, and gives parents/legal guardians the tools to oversee their child’s experience in the game.

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What are the specificities and settings associated with a young player account?

The young player account includes specific protections for young users. These apply to PC: in order to enable parental controls on other platforms (such as Switch, Xbox SX/S or PS5), please refer to this article.

Young player accounts are associated with an adult Ubisoft Account, giving their parent/legal guardian visibility on their activity. Settings of the young player account are accessible in the Parental Access Section of the Ubisoft account management website and are as follows:

Restricted communication with other players: In order to protect young players in their interactions with other users, young player accounts are only able to communicate with their friends. This applies to both the Ubisoft Connect chat and the game chat.

Data and privacy protection: Respecting the data of all our users is a priority, in particular our young players. In order to protect the privacy of young player accounts, all marketing use and data sharing options are disabled by default. This means that Ubisoft will not use their data to customize marketing communications or personalize offers within the Ubisoft ecosystem, nor share data with external partners.

Activity Report: Every month, an email is sent to the parent/legal guardian’s email address, with a report on the young player account’s playtime. This email also contains a list of all the users the young player added as Friends during the last month.

Purchase Information: Whenever the young player makes a purchase on the Ubisoft Store or directly in the in-game store, the parent/legal guardian is sent automatically and without delay an email with the purchase information.

How can I create a young player account?

In order to create a young player account, young players can visit the game website, click on the “Log-in” icon in the top right of the screen and choose “Create an Account.” Depending on the age entered, users are then asked to enter their name and their parent/legal guardian’s email address.

Create a young player account

The parent/legal guardian then receives an email to the email address provided by their child, with a link to the next steps for the young player account creation. They are first asked to log into their own Ubisoft account (or to create one). All young player accounts must be associated to an adult account.

Once logged into their own Ubisoft account, parents/legal guardians are asked to enter their child’s information, and to consent to the young player account creation.

DOB and email required to create a young player account

The young player account is then created and associated to the parent/legal guardian’s account, giving visibility over the young player’s settings and activity reports.

Young player account successfully created

If you wish for more details on the young player account creation, don’t hesitate to visit our dedicated support page.

Do you have more questions?

If you have more questions, or if you want to learn more about the young player account, you can visit our dedicated support page.