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What is Ubisoft doing to protect the personal data of young players?


Respecting the data of all our users is a priority, and young players deserve particular and enhanced protection. We want to give our young players and you, as parents / legal guardians complete transparency and control over what Ubisoft do with the personal data it collects from players and account users.

At Ubisoft, we create fun and original games that you can play on your own or with your friends. For players maximum enjoyment and to guarantee the best gameplay experience possible, we need to register certain information about the player such as his name, age, email address or his in-game data (e.g.: scores, levels completed, etc.) ; this information is called personal data. In order to protect the privacy of young player accounts, all marketing use and data sharing options are disabled by default.

This means that Ubisoft will not use their data to customize its marketing communications or personalize offers within the Ubisoft ecosystem, nor share data with external partners.

For more information on how Ubisoft uses young players’ personal data and how they can exercise their rights, we encourage parents/legal guardian and, of course, first of all young players, to read our specifically written privacy policy for young players.