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Accompanying my child in their practice


There are many options available to ensure that your child's gaming experience runs smoothly. Find out how you can accompany your child with this activity.

What is the recommended duration/frequency of a video game session? Do I have to set a time limit for my child?

There is no “one size fits all” rule for the perfect duration or frequency of a video game session. Just like other forms of entertainment, playing time should not become detrimental to basic needs such as eating, sleeping, socializing, having a family life and going to school. For younger children, it is up to parents to decide how much time children should spend playing. For teenagers, families must decide together what makes the most sense for them.

Once this playing time limit is set, parental controls are available on all major consoles and can be used to set a time limit, monitor your child’s play time and schedule when they’re allowed to have screen time. For more information on how to set up this parental control, please refer to the end of this article.

If you observe any changes in your child’s behavior or have additional questions related to this topic, we advise you to contact a child or teen psychologist.

For more details on this subject, please visit the websites of our referring websites.


How can I protect my family from bad behavior online (cheating, insults, harassment...)?

First of all, having discussions with your family about respecting other people online and in real life is very important. You can refer to the gaming etiquette to address the various precautionary points.

Know that online discussions and content being shared in-game or on any other platform that we own are actively monitored by dedicated professional teams, AI tech and community volunteers.

Players can report inappropriate behavior via a “Report” system located in some Ubisoft online games or in contacting our customer support team. Sanctions are gradual and escalate to permanent bans depending on the case. Our moderation teams are also working around the clock to review abuse reports.

There are parental controls available on all major consoles, which you can use to restrict and/or monitor online features for your family like in-game chat, or restricting the ability to post screenshots to social media or disabling use of the internet browser. For more information on how to set up this parental control, please refer to the end of this article.


Can playing video games have an impact on my child's health?

As with other activities, there are risks linked to prolonged exposure to screens including muscular pain, visual fatigue, sleeping disorders or epilepsy.

Health professionals recommend taking regular breaks to avoid visual fatigue. They also recommend ceasing all screen interaction at least 1h before bedtime to facilitate sleep.

For people who have already had symptoms related to epilepsy in the presence of light stimulations, please see a doctor before playing video games or watching television.

If you have any concerns regarding your child’s health or should you have further questions, we recommend you contact a health specialist.

There are also video games designed to improve players’ health. For instance, games like help treat amblyopia, and Just Dance is a fun way to work out.

For more details on this subject, please visit the websites of our referring websites.

To go further, discover PédagoJeux

In France, 88% of parents are aware of the parental controls features available and 37% use them – a figure that is constantly rising*.

Our partner in France, PédaGoJeux, teaches parents how to create a positive gaming environment for their children. It is starting a new public awareness campaign to promote the use of parental controls: #AVOUSDEJOUER.

Here’s the campaign .

To learn more about the importance of activating these features on all devices, check out this article from PédaGoJeux.

Updated regularly, the website features numerous articles and videos to respond to parents’ questions about gaming. It now also includes tutorials on configuring the parental controls on all devices: consoles (PS4/PS5, Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One, Nintendo Switch), computers, smartphones and tablets.

*Source: SELL/Médiamétrie survey on gaming in France, conducted online from September 1 to 24, 2020, across a sample of 4,072 internet users aged 10 and over.