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Enriching players' lives together in a sustainable world

Making a long-lasting positive impact for our players, our teams, our partners and our planet.

We are working to enrich players’ lives through unique and memorable gaming experiences and by improving the positive impacts of our games. To get there, we are creating a safer, more inclusive work environment, we are giving back to the communities where Ubisoft operates by working with local non-profit partners and by working to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

Positive impacts of gaming

Ubisoft’s priority is to provide positive and safe gaming experiences and spaces for all players.

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Family & Gaming

Ubisoft is committed to delivering positive gaming experiences for players around the world. In collaboration with health experts and industry partners, we answer the questions most frequently asked by players and their families.

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Supporting Social Causes

Ubisoft contributes to local economic development, works with local non-profit organizations and supports social causes related to our activity and commitment to education.

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Ubisoft is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. We measure the main components of our global carbon footprint annually, and are constantly looking for ways to mitigate our impact.

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Code of Conduct & Annual Report Highlights

Ubisoft Code Of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is a binding document that sets out Ubisoft’s commitments as a company and the role of each individual team member.

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Annual report

Our annual report contains an entire section dedicated to the corporate social responsibility of Ubisoft.

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