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Sales & Monetization

Sales administration

As Sales Administration experts, we drive profitability at Ubisoft. We ensure sales growth through outlining, developing and integrating best-in-class strategies and practices. We guarantee the accurate processing and reporting of all sales orders, as well as ensuring an effective information flow between all stakeholders by defining, tracking and analyzing key metrics to enhance sales performance.

Sales & Monetization Teams

Account management

In Account Management, we build and cultivate relationships with key business partners. Always actively seeking out the right opportunities, we utilize our in-depth exper...

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E-commerce & Monetization

In E-Commerce and Monetization, we strive to ensure our games and services always offer the best experience. It is our role to engage players by designing and planning th...

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Business development

In Business Development at Ubisoft, we create long-term value for our company, customers and partners by making our powerful brands shine beyond video games and by positi...

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Data analytics

At Ubisoft, we believe that evidence-based decision-making is essential. With a data-driven approach, we work to identify and track relevant and reliable data sets, using...

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