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Neurodiversity Talent Program

Unlocking the power of Neurodiversity in game development

Ubisoft recognizes the immense value that Neurodiversity brings to game development.

Our Neurodiversity Talent Program is designed to harness the unique strengths and perspectives of individuals with neurodivergent profiles, including but not limited to autism, dyslexia, and ADHD.

Our goal is to empower all current & future neurodiverse co-workers, giving them the support they need to realize their full potential at work. We focus on offering training and developing practical inclusion tools to help our colleagues adopt neuro-inclusive good practices. This effort is completed by the action of the employee resource group (ERG) which provides awareness sessions and community support channels.

What is Neuro-Inclusion?

Neuro-Inclusion in the workplace is about establishing environments where every individual can fully develop their talent and skills potential, while being fully respectful of an individual’s singularity. At Ubisoft, we are committed to creating a work environment which will cater to the needs of all of our team members.

How Neuro-Inclusion shapes the Future of Work

It encourages diverse perspectives and problem-solving

It taps into a broader talent pool

It creates a more inclusive workplace

It fosters employee satisfaction and retention

It impacts players & developers' lives positively by driving acceptance of Neurodiversity

Our News

Embracing Individuality: Autism Representation in Watch Dogs 2, The Division 2, and Rainbow Six Siege

Today is Autism Awareness day, and to raise awareness, Ubisoft News spoke to Ubisoft employees on the Autism Spectrum about their experiences as neurodiverse employees, as well as developers who created in-game autistic characters.

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GDC 2023: Unlocking the Power of Neurodiversity in Game Development

More than 1 billion people around the world are neurodivergent, and that population is well-represented within the gaming industry.


How the Games Industry Can Create Better Support for Neurodiversity

From October 10-14, Ubisoft is hosting its third annual Neurodiversity Awareness Week, with a series of internal events and panels aimed at raising awareness and challenging stereotypes around autism, ADHD, and other neurological differences.


Employee Resource Group Spotlight: Neurodiverse Employees at Ubisoft

Ubisoft is committed to building a more inclusive workplace, exemplified by the creation of several Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) over the past two years. These groups, led by employees on a volunteer basis, offer programs and support designed to enrich the lives of Ubisoft employees.


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