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Winnipeg, Canada

Ubisoft Winnipeg

204-250 McDermot Ave, Winnipeg MB, Canada

+1 (204)-815-5717

Ubisoft Winnipeg is a technology studio with a unique mission: develop new technologies and tools that will change the way we build video game worlds.

Founded in 2018, we are the only Ubisoft studio focused on exploring the unknown to develop technology and tools that empower game creators at Ubisoft studios around the world to build even better, more immersive worlds across our major brands. We’re innovators, exploring the unknown, finding new ways to change how production teams and creators work every day.

At Ubisoft Winnipeg, you have the opportunity to bring your big vision to life in a video game tech studio where every voice is valued. Diversity and inclusion, collaboration, and growth are core to our culture, and creativity is built right into your week.

Be part of shaping a growing young studio in one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities for game and tech development, and have a direct influence on how the future of video game worlds are created.

Meet Ubisoft Winnipeg

Inside Ubisoft Winnipeg

Women in Tech - Meet Jess Hilderbrand

A Look Inside the Studio

Get to Know Ubisoft Winnipeg, a Tech-Centric Studio With a Passion for Innovation

Learn more about Ubisoft Winnipeg, a fast-growing, tech-focused studio working on Ubisoft’s in-house engines and innovative projects.

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Inside the Innovation Jam

How do you encourage a team to innovate – and then do it again, and again, and again? At Ubisoft Winnipeg, we created the Innovation Jam.

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Meet our team

Our Pillars


We are visionaries: creative, ambitious and innovative problem solvers who strive to learn and grow from both success and failure.


As a family, we support each other. Diversity powers our creativity and collaboration makes us stronger.


We are agile, work transparently, and never stop looking for ways to exceed the expectations of our co-dev partners. When they succeed, we succeed.


We are constantly levelling up – driven to learn and make our work the best it can be. We encourage each other to meet our potential, and we seek and give feedback generously, honestly and respectfully.

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