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Seoul, Korea

Ubisoft Korea

432 SamSung-Ro, GangNam-Gu, Seoul, 06185, Korea

Located in the heart of Asia, Ubisoft Korea is responsible for the localization, publishing, sales and marketing of Ubisoft's products in Korea. We have been representing Ubisoft in South Korea, and are dedicated to providing players with memorable and meaningful gaming experiences.


R6S Korean Open Trophy

2019 Korean cup Sketch

Just Dance vs. Monday Blues!

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Diverse & Welcoming Enviroment

We are proudly committed to a diverse and welcoming working enviroment where everyone can learn, grow, and shine and can win as a team.

Positive Gaming Experiences

We aspire to lead the world in creating positive gaming experiences and offering real-life benefits that will stay with the players long after they put down their gamepad

Responsible Business Practices

We aim to be a positive force and an example of how companies can succeed responsibly. We belive in conducting our business fairly and ethically while staying consistent with our Code of Fair Conduct

Chance to Make an Impact

We encourage teams to seize opportunities and find their path to success. We believe every idea deserves to be heard regardless of the speaker's role in the office.

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