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Paris area, France

Ubisoft Paris Mobile

Ubisoft Paris Mobile 126 rue de Lagny 93100 Montreuil-Sous-Bois

At Ubisoft Paris Mobile, we build the virtual arenas of tomorrow. We create mobile games that are both accessible and far-reaching, where millions of players take each other on and ultimately come together.

In every one of our creations, we put the focus on gameplay. Gameplay must be innovative and entertaining so that as many people as possible can enjoy it, whether as players or spectators. As a result, our games are vibrant and dazzling. They tell their stories through the seasons. They are devised not only with great enthusiasm from our studio, but in concert with our community of players.

Striving for excellence involves learning every day from our players, from our competitors, and from ourselves. Joining Ubisoft Paris Mobile means benefiting from the resources and expertise of the world's largest independent video game publisher. It means being able to push forward Ubisoft's biggest licenses as part of a team where your voice gets heard and your ideas have the opportunity to thrive.

Within our studio, we share the same idea of a dynamic, compassionate working environment, one that prospers from the wealth of our talents and the diversity of our personalities. More than anything, we firmly believe that only by playing together can we create the best possible experiences.

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