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Halifax, Canada

Ubisoft Halifax

1498 Lower Water St, Suite 1115 Halifax NS B3J3R5

Ubisoft Halifax is located in the heart of downtown, overlooking the scenic Halifax Waterfront. The studio began its journey with Ubisoft in 2015 and has since grown to over 70 employees with a focus on diversity and expertise, and a taste for experimentation. The studio is Ubisoft’s first Canadian studio to specialize in mobile free-to-play games, mixing Ubisoft’s expertise on major franchises with an approach to wider and casual audiences. Ubisoft Halifax is currently working on Assassin’s Creed® Rebellion, a unique spin on the popular franchise and the first appearance of everyone’s favourite characters on mobile. Halifax is also a solid co-dev studio inside of the Ubisoft ecosystem, participating on many of the most exciting future mobile projects in the company, as well as working on exciting unannounced projects of its own. The studio also takes part in many local initiatives to grow the community of game developers in Atlantic Canada, as well as makinge the industry more inclusive and diverse.

Behind our scenes

Our Values


We value a diverse team that can lend a variety of viewpoints and influence the games we make and our equally diverse audience.


It’s time to think outside the box and challenge the normal ideas and concepts of game building. A creative team is a team that builds on each other and goes to new heights.


Ubisoft Halifax exists within a community of Nova Scotia development studios and works to strengthen the industry together with its peers.


Educating the next generation of game developers is how we can change the future of gaming within Ubisoft and the industry as a whole.

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